Best Treatment for ADHD and Autism with essential oils

More and more people are struggling with ADHD and Autism which has a serious impact on their life quality. In the UK alone there have been over 2.6 million people with ADHD (694’000 children and 1.9 Million people) being diagnosed with this condition.

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a condition that includes symptoms such as being restless or having trouble concentrating.

In this article, I want to show you how alternative treatments can replace pharmaceutical medicine and reduce the side effect of ADHD medication brings.


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Serious Side Effects from pharmaceutical medicine

Most people who get treated with pharmaceutical medicine prescribed by their GP will experience side effects from their medication, such as loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, jitteriness, irritability, moodiness, headaches, abdominal pain, fast heart rate, and high blood pressure. Those side effects can impact the lives of struggling people even further, but it does not need to be this way.


There is a healthier alternative available – doTERRA Essential Oils to treat ADHD and Autism naturally

A study conducted by autismAutism took 7 months to pull together the core selection of Essential Oils that have reported benefits for kids with autism and ADHD. After months of engaging multiple research institutes, dozens of aromatherapy practitioners, and a survey involving more than 200 parents … This is what they found ⬇️

✔️84% of parents with Autistic children have reported medium to significant overall benefits

✔️61% reported that the oils helped pacify their child during Meltdowns or Sensory Overloads.

✔️77% of parents have reported reduced hyperactivity levels in their kids upon usage

✔️56% parents of  felt that their child was more relieved from anxiety, stress, attention deficit and, anger

✔️79% of parents reported reduced discomfort due to sensory sensitivity

✔️Most importantly, 88% were happy with the overall effects and said they would also recommend other parents to try out.

The TOP 10 oils were found to be:

💚 Tea Tree:

Of all the oils that made it to this elite list, Tea Tree oil deserves a place as it offers a unique Sensory benefit that few others provide. 

Kids with Autism have heightened sensory sensitivities, including highly sensitive epidermal skin. Be it extreme weather conditions, or dust and pollution – such conditions may feel disruptive to many children with Autism. Tea Tree oil not only helps soothe skin sensitivity issues but it also insulates the skin from external disturbances, thereby protecting your child’s skin from conditions that heighten hyper-sensitivity.

How to use it:

Put a few drops into a diffuser to help your child have better boundaries.


🤍 Vetiver Essential Oil

Dr. Terry Friedman conducted a study to understand the hidden benefits of vetiver essential oils for children diagnosed with ADHD conditions.

Interestingly, the study revealed the oil helps children combat ADD and ADHD symptoms to a greater extent than previously known.

Dr. Friedman states,

Amazingly, these oils help children in enhancing their concentration levels that will directly benefit them with lesser distractions and reduced impatience levels.

Here are some additional autism-related benefits he reported:

✔️Soothes an overactive mind

✔️Aids in controlling anger

✔️Reduces irritations

How to use:

Apply 1 – 2 drops behind the ears on or at the back of the neck.

Sleep & Insomnia:

Apply 1 – 2 drops to the bottom of the feet or alongside the spine.

PTSD & Anxiety

Apply 1- 2 drops behind the ears or diffuse

doterra vetiver

Improves the focus and fights depression

🧡 Cedarwood Oil

Helps in naturally increasing melatonin levels (this helps in the proper functioning of other hormones and maintaining the body clock i.e. time when the hungry, time to sleep, time to wake up, time to visit the loo, etc)

✔️Helpful in stimulating pineal and pituitary glands

✔️Improved focus

✔️Aids in sleeping well

How to use:

Apply to wrists, temples, and back of the neck or diffuse


💜 Ylang Ylang Oil

Though, not super helpful in any of the direct symptoms of Autism or ADHD, Ylang still makes it into the list because of the many benefits it provides in tackling with some of the common comorbid conditions like

✔️Helpful in increasing the blood flow to the body

✔️Lowers blood pressure

✔️Highly effective in preventing septic infections

✔️Fights depression

✔️GI (Gastro-Intestinal) Issues

How to use:

Apply 1 – 2 drops behind the ears or on writst


Reduces hyperactivity and provides sensory relief

💛 Roman Chamomile

This ancient medicinal herb is known for its disease-fightingmood-enhancing properties and is touted to be the best when it comes to fighting symptoms such as anxiety and stress.

✔️The herbs from which chamomile oil is extracted are known to reduce meltdowns

✔️Reduces hyperactivity and hypertension

How to use:

Panic Attacks

Carry on person and breath a drop deeply from cupped hands


Add a drop to the front of the shirt and sleeve or diffuse


🤎 Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot oil is known for its excellent mood-enhancing properties and is considered to be one of the best essential oils for autistic children who are sensory seeking.

✔️Widely considered as a natural relaxing agent or a relaxant

✔️Known to improve blood circulation

✔️Its sweet fragrance can work well as a stimulant for the sensory seeking

✔️Provides Sensory relief too

How to use:

Diffuse a few drops

Apply over the sacral ( belly button)


Use 1 drop under the tongue or in water (adults only)


Cools the body and eases anxiety

.💙 Peppermint Essential Oil

This is to the list of widely known oils known to mankind since ancient times. The oil is known for its cooling properties and is proven to improve mental focus for individuals.

It is perfect for children with autism, ADHD, and ADD because

✔️It gives a cooling sensation and has a calming effect on the body. 

✔️ It is also known to help improve mental focus.

Holly, a mother to an autistic child who tried our Peppermint Essential oil says,

My daughter often used to have meltdowns. This would cause her body to heat up further and her condition would worsen. I used two drops of peppermint oil mixed with coconut oil and rubbed the mixture progressively on her forehead. Interestingly, it worked! Her body started to cool down and I could see that she started feeling calmer.

How to use:


Headache & Migraines

Massage 1 – 2 Drops into the temples and base of the skull, avoiding the eyes

Mental Fog

Drink 1 – 2 drops water

💜 Lavender oil

Children with autism and ADHD can benefit from the calming effects of lavender which help improve their sleep quality and assist their body in fighting emotional stress.

✔️Improved sleep quality

✔️Emotional Stress buster

✔️Reduced Anxiety

How to use:


1 – 2 Drops on the temples or diffuse


Apply 2 drops to the bottoms of feet and temples or diffuse near the bedside


1 -2 drops to pulse points.

Lavender Essential oil

Improves focus and enhances calmness


🧡 Frankincense Oil

Children with ADHD or autism are seen to greatly benefit from frankincense oils as it helps them to maintain their focus levels while helping them reduce negative emotions and stressful reactions.

✔️Autistic and ADHD children often face issues in maintaining their focus. In such cases, Frankincense essential oil helps children to improve their focus levels

✔️The oil is seen to be a helpful alternative in overcoming negative emotions and stressful reactions

✔️It helps in deep breathing with induced calmness

✔️Minimises sensory overload

✔️Keeps stress levels in check

How to use:

Apply to pulse point or diffuse

💛 Sandalwood oil

One of the major sandalwood oil benefits is that it promotes mental clarity, especially when used with a diffuser. It also has a relaxing and calming effect that can be helpful for children with autism spectrum disorders.

✔️The oil is widely known for its relaxing and calming effects

✔️Continual usage of sandalwood oil is known to benefit one from reduced anxieties.

✔️Improves attention levels

✔️Studies show that kids can concentrate better in learning under its effects.

How to use:

Apply 1 -2 drops to the base of the skull, or to the temples




You can change your children's life!


When you use a doTERRA essential oil, you’re using an oil that is pure, with no contaminants, fillers, or adulterations. doTERRA has created a standard to ensure that our oils are 100% pure, something that didn’t exist in the essential oil industry before.


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