Astrology Forecast Reading 6-months

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This intuitive astrology Reading will give you insights & guidance for the next six months. Based on upcoming transits as well as other astrological important happenings.

It will tell you:

  • what to expect over the next six months
  • when to be optimistic and take chances
  • which areas should you focus on
  • what kind of changes to expect

Based on your horoscope, full of practical advice.

2 reviews for Astrology Forecast Reading 6-months

  1. Cindy

    I loved listening (and not having to read) my reading from Mehal Mahipal. I found it to be very accurate, and I have put the important dates into my calendar. She touched on a specific issue quite a bit and suggested an Astroshamanic Healing Session, which I will take her up on soon. I am glad to have had this reading and I look forward to listening to it again and again so that I remember to look out and take advantage of opportunities that come my way.

  2. Rachel C.

    Highly Recommend this six-month Astrology Forecast! Such great advice on how to balance me and watch out this year. I received it at the beginning of this year and have listened to this recording a few times, and it still blows my mind each time – even as far as my tattoo and the hairstyle I wanted to get. A brilliant, clear, informative Reading, delivered in an easy to follow and caring way. Thank you for such a deep. Thorough, personal, accurate, and exciting read with advice on Mercury Retrogrades, Moon’s nodes, and concerns to be aware of, which I have noted in my diary. I would pay every year to receive one of these Forecasts to prepare me for the upcoming months. I will be ordering some for Birthdays and Christmas gifts for friends and family. Brilliant. 100%

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