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“In her book, Unlocking Psychic Potential – Shining a Light on Who You Truly Are, Mehal Mahipal has succeeded in bringing together a wealth of teaching, experience, and resources to guide the reader on their own spiritual path.

From those who are simply inspired to learn more, to those who are already on a chosen tangent, this guide to discovering your own spirituality will resonate with everyone seeking to learn more about this fascinating subject.

A spiritual teacher guided by over ten years of international learning and personal discovery, Mehal Mahipal uses proven methods to guide you through the stages of identifying your own psychic abilities, describing in detail the options open to you as you follow your spiritual path. As well as explaining how and why you should develop your psychic abilities, Mehal also reflects on the key works of famous spiritual Healers, Mediums, and Investigators, looking at the various forms of psychic expression. Her teaching is backed up by documented cases, by her own life story, and by the vast wealth of experience which she herself has amassed.

This highly recommended book is the perfect accompaniment to a deep journey of spiritual discovery. It can be referred to time and again, remaining equally relevant at every stage.”


This Psychic Development Ebook “Unlocking Psychic Potential” contains around 200 pages and at least 50 colored photographs.

Immediate download to any of your devices.



  1. Brenda Rule

    Fantastic read highly recommended

  2. Allan

    Great read, Mehal Mahipal has a great gift teaching and explaining all things spiritual 🙏🏼

  3. Claudia Hollenweger

    “UNLOCKING PSYCHIC POTENTIAL” This book is really worth to read. Mehal Mahipal not only writes about how to develop psychic abilities, but she also writes about her own path and development, she talks also about the history of spiritualism and describes all the different aspects of Mediumship. I think it is really a good idea to take the time to read this book, even if you are a medium yourself it is good to read a similar or close experience of your own path. I also feel very honoured that I can be a part of this book with my soul pictures.

  4. Bodo

    Profound and Inspiring
    Find THE Castle! – a quest becomes the focal point of searching, finding and deep-diving into whatever is connected to it. 
This is not only a book of observations and personal experiences on a path through life. It is a book about psychic development, meticulously researched, with a very practical approach of assimilating it into every day life. 

    You can easily make this book your companion. It does not only give you detailed background information, it also provides you with down-to-earth guidance and practical exercises that will support you on more fulfilling road through your life. A book impossible to put down.

  5. Louise Huitema (verified owner)

    What an amazing book, definitely recommend

  6. Garry Shirley

    Wow, what a fascinating Insight to the many many many aspects of working with and for spirit, and your self betterment, plenty to inspire you to look further into this wonderful unseen world, with links to essential reading and research from the origins ,to the foundations, to o the pioneers of all forms of this work ! Nobody can teach anyone to be a medium,a healer, lightwirker or whichever pathway you are drawn to follow, but you can be inspired to learn for yourself, to study, and to open doors. This book does just that !! Be inspired , it’s here for you !!

  7. Sally Plank

    Highly Recommend. I’ve read the book which led me to explore and learn more with Mehal Mahipal’s unique and comprehensive self study course. Delving even deeper I’ve benefited from two Astroshamanic Healing Rituals, Karmic and Astrology readings and also 1-2-1 coaching. With Mehal’s intuitive guidance I’ve been able to move forward and plant myself firmly on a life path that I feel is complete right for me. Thank you Mehal.

  8. Nicola Hunter

    Would highly recommend mehals book it’s great to read and was great to hear someone’s journey that is similar to my own.
    From there I’ve done several courses with mehalmahipal and the online course and with all of it especially the book has helped me understand myself so much better and then my practice in ways I didn’t think I could achieve. Thank you 🙏

  9. Jennifer Weston

    Thank you for making this book accessible to so many people. your dedication to helping others is inspiring.

  10. Stephanie Wall (verified owner)

    This is a fascinating and powerful book that I’ve loved reading! I love the way Mehal writes from her own personal experiences and her willingness to share with others seeking to find their true path. I love her trainings and this book inspired me to train with her which I also LOVE! Thank you Mehal! x

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