Essential oils for children


In this Free doTerra Ebook, you can learn and read about essential oils and how they can benefit your children.


From the book:

“Once you have experienced the compelling power of essential oils, incorporating oils into your
lifestyle and daily routine is the next natural step. For many people, that daily routine includes
children. Many parents wonder, “Are essential oils safe for my children?” The simple
answer to this question is yes, but it is essential to remember specific safety
guidelines and recommendations when using essential oils with children.
Essential oils can be safely used on or around children, and just like anything you would use
with your family—topical products, hygienic products, cleaning products, etc.—particular caution
should be used when applying oils to children.

Yes, essential oils are safe for children.
Once you have learned the particular safety guidelines required for using essential oils with your children,

it is easy to help them reap the benefits of oils. Because children are smaller and more sensitive than adults and still developing, it is crucial to understand that the rules of essential oils are different for children than for parents. If your child has specific health conditions or concerns, it is always wise to consult your child’s physician before using essential oils.

How do I know that essential oils are safe for my children?
While special precautions should be taken when using essential oils
around children, parents can still be confident that it is safe for
children to use essential oils” doTerra Essential Oils for children Ebook.

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