Karmic Astrology Reading

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This Reading is 60min. audio recorded and based on your birth chart. It will be send to you via email.


Discover the connection between your past life and your current life. Receive deep insights into karmic lessons and opportunities. Understand why certain patterns in your life keep repeating themselves. Furthermore we will find out why you struggle so much to release yourself of those patterns.

The Karmic Astrology Reading offers you clear, profound and helpful insights into your current life as well as your karmic connections. Based on your personal birth chart we will unlock the power to raise your consciousness, explore triggers and activations of karmic patterns and situations and find ways on how to heal them.

1 review for Karmic Astrology Reading

  1. G.

    Dear Mehal, my Karmic Astrology Reading was amazing. It really described me and the issues I am facing in this life time to 95%. Its unbelieveable how this is possible. I can only recommend to anyone to get a Reading like this. Thank you so much for your support.

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