Love and Relationship Horoscope Reading

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Are you looking for love? Do you find it difficult to meet the perfect match?

If you are already in an existing relationship you seek enhanced insights into your Love & Sex Life?

Let’s shine a light on you and your love life! This highly personalized Reading allows you to take a look at Love and Relationships and how this is written in your Birth Horoscope. Slowly uncover what it is that you need and want.

This Astrological Reading will assist you in building loving, healthy, and lasting relationships with others by understanding the personal role you play in this Love Game.



This Love and Relationship Horoscope Reading is for everyone who seeks a more profound understanding of Love, Sex, and Relationship.  A highly personalized Astrology Horoscope Reading with a focus on your needs and desires. Furthermore, it will offer a lot of practical advice on finding the perfect match.

By focusing on the planets which affect the matters of the heart, we will find out:

  • How do you experience love?
  • How do you express love?
  • What do you need in a relationship to feel happy and safe?
  • Who could be your perfect match and set your soul on fire?
  • Which unhealed pattern do you need to let go of to have a fulfilling love relationship?
  • What is it that you truly desire?


Once you have booked your Love and Relationship Astrology Reading, we will be in touch and ask you to provide the following information (Birthdate/time/place).

Your Reading will be approx. 50min and will be audio recorded. This audio recording will be sent to you via email to listen to it again and again, and you won’t miss a thing.

3 reviews for Love and Relationship Horoscope Reading

  1. Sally

    I received a Venus attunement on April 29-30, 2022 to coincide with the Solar Eclipse in Taurus and bring in the Venus energies. Mainly to work with Venus and her energies whenever was needed to attract abundance, love, wealth, and growth into life.
    With regard to love and relationships, my short reading alongside the attunement was very accurate and not so much to attract energy from the outside, but to highlight the need to work on the love and relationships from inside with myself which did need attention. Doing inner work assists the growth of attracting outside energies. Highly recommend. Thank you.

  2. Maria M.

    Your Reading hit spot on, it helped me a lot to understand myself better and what it is that I need when it comes to relationships and love. This has brought a lot of clarity, positivity, and healing energy into my life. A heartfelt thank you!

  3. Lisa

    Mehal Mahipal provided me with a very interesting reading. I was suitably impressed how she managed to express and verbalise the feelings that I have contained inside myself for the last number of months. She has an incredible talent, and she delivered my reading with such care, precision and sensitivity. A truly incredible and talented healer. Thank you. xxx

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