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A Personality Horoscope is for all who are either new to astrology or want to learn more about themselves and their personality. Understanding what makes you tick and your strengths and weaknesses can provide significant advantages in life. In this 60min. Personality Horoscope Reading, we will be taking a look at all of the planets that form your character: the sun, the moon, mercury, mars, and venus. We also gain insights into how others see us and learn why this can differ from how we see ourselves. You have an excellent overview of yourself at the end of the Reading.


This type of Horoscope can also be an ideal gift for someone’s birthday, Christmas, or just a thank you.

60min. Reading ( Horoscope Analysis is based on your personal unique Birthday/time/place) – Audio Recorded.

4 reviews for Personality Horoscope

  1. Katie O’Connor

    Mehal Mahipal provided me with an hour long astrology review, something I have never had before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. She provided me with a real insight into my personality traits and hit the nail on the head in terms of my nature and other elements that I wouldn’t expect to be covered. She went into so much detail and provided an excellent overview and this is something that I will definitely get more curious about now that I have had this introduction! I can highly recommend Julie for anyone interested in finding out more about astrology and her session has also made me want to think more about my purpose .. I’ll review again in a year as part of my reflection!

  2. Charlotte

    I loved my astrology reading thanks so much! It was very interesting and beneficial finding out about the parts of myself that are quite hidden and Julie gave some advice on how to work with them which I’m now implementing. Finding out the area of my life where it was literally written in the stars that I would have difficulties is actually invaluable to know to start making positive changes, wish I’d know years ago! It’s also been quite funny noticing way more clearly how I operate and how accurate the astrology reading was 😅 I’m going to listen again and make notes this time! X

  3. Trevor

    My reading from Mehal was over an hour long and contained a lot of detailed information that I found both useful and insightful, shedding light on my personality from a different viewpoint. Having worked on myself for many years there were not many surprises, but is always nice to get confirmation and clarity on my life path. Highly recommended.

  4. Louise

    Mehal’s Reading was spot on. She has given direction with extreme care and support in a very thoughtful and direct way. Her calming presence and guidance really touched me. I highly recommend Mehal’s services.

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