Wealth Creation Strategy



The Wealth Creation Strategy is a powerful way to use the advantages of Astrology to increase financial gain. In this Horoscope Reading, we will solely focus on the planets in your horoscope which associated with:

  • your values and beliefs around finances
  • your Keys to financial access
  • create a wealth creation strategy
  • your spending style
  • six months transit forecast to do with your business strategy
  • Astrocartography to check which areas in the world could advance your business in terms of building business relationships and assist in gaining success and a good reputation.


Rather than sentencing you on predestined sequences of events, astrology increases your sense of self-knowledge and self-responsibility, increasing your range of choices and, by implication, your freedom. Astrology will highlight the issues for you around money and wealth creation. To learn about those deep-seated belief systems, your spending style, and why Astrology can also help you find your ideal career or livelihood. As well as the best strategy that will work for you to gain financial stability and freedom.

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