Shamanic Engineering with Trevor Cowan

Following university and a few years traveling, I spent most of my twenty-five-year career in engineering and project management, working for several years in Mexico, Brazil, and Hong Kong.

However, like most on a spiritual path, I knew there was something more I needed to be doing, especially as my health began to suffer, as I developed digestive problems coupled with acute tinnitus. This eventually forced me to leave my job and encouraged me to find my own healing path, as the mainstream medical healthcare offered was ineffective for me.


So, for almost twenty years, I have been working consciously on myself, beginning with yoga and meditation, and leading onto the study of shamanism, completing a two-year training course on the medicine wheel and qualifying as a Contemporary Shamanic Practitioner in 2012. 

Recently, after returning from a lengthy period abroad deepening my practice, I took time out to write my book, “Shamanic Engineering”.

shamanic engineering

Bringing together many ideas, methods, and ancient wisdom, both taught to me and self-discovered, into a practical guide to contemporary shamanism. This book provides many tools and techniques for connection, healing, transformation, and spiritual growth accessible to anyone ready to work on themselves.


Listen to this Podcast and learn more about Trevor and his journey. We will also be speaking about his book "Shamanic Engineering."
trevor cowan

As a qualified Shamanic Practitioner who has completed the medicine wheel, I am committed to helping people with their lives through counseling, healing work, ceremony, and teaching.

If you want help to transform your life, cut ties from the past, gain clarity on an issue, reclaim your power, heal wounds or traumas, or are just looking to explore your spiritual nature more deeply, get in touch.


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