Space Clearing Spray

Many people are not aware that a negative charged environment can harm their body, mind and spirit.

By negative charged we can mean a lot of things such as negative or suppressed emotions but also repetitive thoughts or worry that can stay in the atmosphere for quite a while.

Caring for people

Also environments that include any kind of caring for ill people and the associated feelings of worry, sadness, grief and maybe fear. These situations are often highly emotionally charged and will create energetic imprints in the atmosphere.

Trying to help people

Working with clients that go through challenging times and you as a counsellor, psychologist or healer even as friend try to help them but don’t want their problems to stay in your environment.

Most people are not aware how we are actually affected by our environments and the energies that have been created. If not removed they can enhance their power and can affect us in many ways. First they will enter our minds where they will create a lot of anxious feelings and thoughts. Like a vicious circle, we then start fuelling these energies now with our own thoughts and add to their power by tapping into that atmosphere again and again. This will then lead to an increase of our fears, worries, sadness or even despair.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! We can take charge and don’t need to be a victim of the energetic imprints in our environment.

Energetic Cleansing

Energetic cleansing on a daily basis is as much important as brushing your teeth or have a shower. It only works on an etheric/astral level rather than physical. Many ancient cultures especially shamans knew about the importance of an energetic clean environment so we not affected too much by the negativity that might have been created around us.

Many sacred rituals have used created to cast out negativity to enhance energetic well-being. In our modern times we have nearly forgotten about this kind of spiritual self-care and take on more than we actually can deal with. The rise in mental health issues shows clearly that something is not going quite right and we need to return to the importance of Space Clearing for our own well-being.

Based on this knowledge we created this modern Space Clearing Spray. So you can finally take charge of your environment.


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