The 4 most powerful ways to shift your energy

Shamanic work is energy medicine work. When its done correctly it can help people to gain back their well-being. In Astroshamanism, the understanding of energy and its specific qualities as well as its the impacts on our overall being is a major part of my work. However it’s important that the energy healer knows what she/he is doing and trained in the field of energy work.

The four different ways of shifting your energy

In shamanic energy work we understand four main ways of shifting the energy of a person. Which method we choose depends on the problem the person is experiencing.

The four ways to shift energies are releasing, retrieving, stabilizing or nurturing. Each of them serves specific purpose, some of them you can do alone others you will need help from an energy medicine practitioner, to be able to find back into balance.

Understanding the basic principle of energy

Everything seen and unseen is made of energy and just consists different vibrations. The physical realm for example has a lower vibration then the emotional or mental realm. In shamanic medicine work this understanding allows to work on different levels of the energy body. Energy can’t be created nor can it be destroyed but it can be transformed. When energy gets stuck, blocked or even lost through traumatic experiences it needs to be released, retrieved, stabilized or nurtured. Otherwise these energetic blockages or losses can lead to serious health issues in the emotional, mental and physical body.

You can help yourself

In some cases you it is easier to help yourself to restore, or re-balance your energy field. Other times to work with an energy medicine healer such as a shaman or energy medicine practitioner is highly recommended. Let’s explore the four main possibilities on how to shift your energy.

1. Releasing Energy

This is the most common type in the work of energy medicine. You probably already do this by exercising, practising yoga, swimming, jogging etc. It is all about to release of excessive energy of the body. We all know the benefits of regular exercise for our overall well-being. Not only to speed up metabolism, tackle mental health issues and gain more resilience. Furthermore it is about releasing energy that we have taken on from other people or the environment. We are continuously exchanging energy with our environment and other people. Which also means that we are taking energy from other people we surround ourselves with (especially when we are empathic). When these energies get blocked or stagnate it will come to excess. This can lead to feelings of anger or frustration, but also create mental health issues. An energy overload expresses itself often in symptoms of anxiety, brain fog or fatigue.

How to release energy effectively:

Yoga, swimming, Tai Chi, Qi Gong even boxing is a form of direct energy shift and release. For people who would like to be more creative and expressive, dance can be a good option. You can also take a hot Epsom Salt bath to release negative energy on a daily basis.

2. Retrieving Energy

This is a form of energy medicine that requires another person like an energy healer or a shaman to help you. In shamanic practice “Soul Retrieval” is very well-known method of energy retrieving work.

Retrieving energy comes into play when we lost energy or we need to gain energy back. There are different situations on how an energy loss could have happened:

a) Consciously:

We agreed to something against our inner knowing. Reasons for that could be feelings of fear, guilt, shame, duty or responsibility. By going against our inner knowing we lose parts of ourselves.

b) Subconsciously:

Here we were influenced by others to do or say something. This could have happened by family, friends, peers, our boss, media etc. We often weren’t even aware of the subconscious decisions we were influenced by. (we often see this in association with media, peer pressure or situations of drug abuse and war.) In these cases we have done something because everybody was doing it so we thought it would be okay.

c) Power was taken away:

In this case we were forced to say or do something, therefore we had no choice. This is the most difficult Soul-loss and often seen often find this with victims of any kind of abuse. This experience can deeply penetrate into our body and leave a mark for the rest of our lives, if not treated in any form. During an energy medicine session we focus on retrieving the lost soul parts. Mostly when this type of healing takes place, physical symptoms will disappear as well.

You can get help!
If you experienced any form of trauma or abuse it can be really helpful to receive professional help. Psychotherapy, Counselling or other forms of therapy are important steps to acknowledge what has happened. However the trauma also needs to be released from your energy field so you are able to move fully forward. I offer different forms of energy medicine to help clients from all over the world to work around such issues.
For further Information I recommend to have a look at my Astroshamanic Healing Ritual for more information on this subject here…

3. Stabilizing the Energy field

This is an important practice of energy work and should be done regularly. You can use this method to ground yourself, if you feel unsettled, out of balance or nervous. Additionally it can be very helpful in preparing for facing a challenging situation or person.

Grounding: Find a comfortable position in which you can sit for a few minutes undisturbed. Focus on your breathing and become aware of your body. You might feel some tension or tingling somewhere. With the next breath imagine roots growing out of your feet reaching deep down into the ground. Allow yourself a moment to really feel the roots growing and grounding you on this earth. Once you have done that you can also release any unwanted energy into the earth. On the other side you can also ask the earth to send you energy from the ground into your body to build a shield around you.

Shielding: with this exercise you can shield, harden or crystallize your aura. The more often you practice this method the more benefit you will get from it. Find a comfortable space to stand barefoot and focus on your breathing for a moment. With the next breath you imagine a violet flame coming from the heavens towards you. You firmly but gently draw the flame towards your physical and energy body. Imagine the flame coming through you and surrounding you. Feel its power pulsating inside of you and set the intention to protect you against any harm or energetic imbalances. Do so for a few minutes till you feel protected. Now seal the aura and set a time limit how long you want to be sealed like 4 or 5 hours. After this time you will need to do it again to shield yourself again.

4. Nurturing your Energy

This is a real necessity to stay happy and healthy. Furthermore it will help you to love yourself more and become aware of your own needs. This will automatically strengthen your overall energy field and assists you in finding back into balance.

1. Take regular time out to recharge your batteries, if you can’t take time out physically at least make time for some meditation.

2.Make sure you sleep enough so the body can catch up with the daily energetic demands.

3. Eat nourishing food, which includes food that is warm and spleen friendly (see Chinese dietary therapy for that) for example broth, stews, soups or roasted veg. The spleen is super important for our blood circulation and also for our overall feeling of worry. Therefore a well-balanced spleen will make you feel much more balanced and less worried. There are plenty of nourishing drinks out there that give you that warming, nourishing feeling, especially when you feel low or off. My all time favourites are Turmeric Latte, Raw Hot Chocolate or a nice cup of tea.

4.Try to avoid sugar and use honey or Rice Syrup instead. Sugar attacks the nervous system and can give you heart palpations, anxiety as well as headaches. There are great alternatives to sugar that don’t spike the blood sugar.

5. Stay away for any toxins such as alcohol, drugs and unnecessary pharmaceutical medication – look for herbal remedies instead.

6. Consider a Astroshamanic Trance Healing Session to top up your energy when you feel low, stressed or burnt out.

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