The Power of Prayer

Prayer is a sacred communion with the Divine. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or any other deity. Furthermore it doesn’t even need to be a deity but the acceptance or acknowledgement of a higher power (omnipresent = all-present) which created all things. This can also include that you believe in the universe, life-force or any other spiritual force that is responsible for life here on earth.

Let’s remove the religious dogma and its ideas what “God” or the “Creative Force” is or should look like. It easier to be open and not hold an image of it at the end. Prayer doesn’t request you to be religious at all. What it requests basically is the following six principles for it to work:

1. Acceptance of an overall creative force

2. The right place

3. The right mindset

4. The right intention

5. Repetition

6. Let go allow and trust

1. Acceptance of an overall creative force

For you prayer to work you will need to know where are you “sending” or “offering” it to. No religious believe required. However you will need to accept or believe that there is something greater than you are. It has the power to create and to destroy, whatever that is we don’t know. What we now is that it moves through us and through everything and it makes things grow and expand but also decay and disappear in an endless cycle of life. This is your starting point. 

2. The right place

Places of worship and prayer can be found all over the world. If you are religious you might feel more drawn to certain places such as churches (Christianity/ Judaism), temples (Buddhist/Hinduism/Taoism), mosques (Islam). Additionally there are powerful places for religious worship that are not inside, we can see pagans, wiccas, indegious people and shamans who pray outside. Nature is their place to worship. You can choose any place that resonates with you. Additionally you can also pray in the comfort of you very own home. 

Places of regular worship are more likely to have been build on energetic important sites. Many of them are associated with Leyline crossings or other important energetic patterns. In ancient times people were much more in tune with nature and made sure that their place of worship would correspond with a specific energetic field of the earth. In our modern times this its more about accessibility I guess. The build up energy that is created by humans who worship there is also important and powerful.  For example if you visit a temple that is hundreds of years old and people have come here to pray for hundreds of years then the energy will be much stronger. The repetitive prayer of hundreds of people over all these years created a very strong energetic field which you can tap into.

A nice place in nature, maybe in the forest or near the sea can be as powerful because nature itself and its elements will create a unique atmosphere too. Just see what you feel drawn too and don’t be tied down to just one place. Why not try it out and visit different places and see how you feel?

When I work with clients from all over the world in my Healing Sessions, I always do them from the same place in my home. I have charged this place with sacred energy over years and it offers me a safe place to work. It is filled with sacred objects that I use in my Session and has a very specific atmosphere. You can find out more about my Remote Healing Session and the way I work here…

3. The right mindset

Most prayers are happening when people experience a crisis. Often when people find themselves at a crossroad in their life, or experience challenging circumstances. These are the times when people they tend to turn to prayer. Of course it is also common that people say prayer for others who are not in immediate crisis but they want to wish them well, wish them protected or happy. Prayer in crisis is a very natural instinct when we experience our own helplessness and or vulnerability. Often this happens when we lose a loved one. Other times people might experience a personal health crisis, or server hopelessness.  This is when most of us would accept a higher power, the moment we realize we are actually not in control anymore. However this is actually a good point because it allows you to totally surrender. If you have nothing to lose any more, you give up, you suddenly surrender.

This openness or state of surrender is the mindset that will allow you to access the true power or prayer. 

4. Intention & Request

There will be an underlying reason for you prayer. You might pray for yourself because you experience a crisis and don’t know what to do. Or you pray for someone else so they be well or safe. This reason is your intention – it is your wish for a specific outcome. Praying is not wishful thinking, rightly done it is much more powerful than that. Of course prayer gives hope and that is mostly important but secondly they are Intentions. So rather then wishing you would get healthy or happy, you make statement. “I am going to be healthy”, “I will find an answer” this is your intention. After that you ask “God” or “the Universe” for guidance, to show you the way. “Show me how I can heal.”, “Tell me where to go”.

If you ask for someone to be safe or well you could say things like: “Let them be safe!”, “May you show them the right way”, “Please give them the help they need!”. By doing this you state clearly that you give the responsibility to the higher power to solve this problem because its greater than you are. 

5. Repetition

Prayer is similar to the law of attraction but different. It works through intention and trusting in the universe or a higher power but is not so self-centred. A prayer is much more humble and devoted. Both of them get more powerful the more you practice them. You are strengthening you sacred communion with the divine by allowing it to become regular practice. This is important because it builds up more energy which can easily blocked by your doubts, worries, reluctance etc. When you first start praying you might feel awkward or think that it doesn’t work anyway. That is okay because no one showed you how to do it or you lost faith anyway. Maybe non of your friends does things like that. All these reason don’t need to mean that you can’t do it. If you practice yoga you know how hard it is at the beginning and you think you will never get there. Suddenly after a few tries you actually enjoy it and see all it benefits. The release of tension in your muscles, the easing of stress on your mental body and how it makes you feel whole emotionally. Prayer is exactly the same, it does ease of the stress that you need to do it all by yourself. It helps you to let go of needing to be in control of everything. It allows you to communicate with something bigger than you are and at the same you are it. This bigger power has created you and everything around you. 

6. Let go and Let God

This is probably the hardest part of all. To let go and let God or the Universe do it. Not knowing what the outcome will be and a huge step into unknown territory. Once you finally surrendered and you have done you prayer a few times. You can change it around and do different prayers or try some blessings. Anyhow you will be asked to trust the process. You will not know how and when the prayer will be answered. Know that it will. Of course it can happen that certain things will not always work out the way we wanted them. People will die, will have accidents, can’t be cured sometimes. This is life and that is part of the process it doesn’t mean that your prayer didn’t work. Remember that “God” or “the Universe” is omnipresent and it has its very own ways. We all have limited time on this planet and no one can really say when our time has come. Unfortunately we have to surrender to this knowing and again let go and let God. Even here we can send prayers to someone who passed that they will have a safe transition. Or we can send prayers to the family and friends asking for them to suffer less from their loss but see death as a new chapter. We can also pray in certain circumstances that we gain more understanding and acceptance for a situation that seem unbearable. Comfort and Love is always available. Pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin and one would not exist without the other. The same is with day and night. Prayer can help you to get closer to these truths and can help you to find acceptance and comfort during difficult times. Surrendering to a higher power will help you to get out of your own way of thinking. It allows you to experience a new reality that is not limited by your own mind.
Trust me on this – give it a go and start with your sacred communion with the universe. Suddenly there will be light where only darkness was to be seen.

In my work with Astroshamanism I use sacred prayers, mantras and chants that were passed on to me by my teacher. It is a powerful practice especially when I work with Astroshamanic Healing Rituals for people who experienced loss or other traumatic events. You can read more about this work here…
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