There is a power within you - it's time to unlock it!

Do you believe in psychic abilities?
Did you ever had a psychic experience but not quite sure what to make of them?
You are not alone, over 25% of the world population (1.75 billion people)
believe in psychic powers.

More and more people encounter things that stretch their current understanding about the “real” human potential and the world beyond.

But what are actually those psychic powers and what do we do with them?

This book will answer your questions and assist you in discovering your very own psychic potential.

You will learn to understand that even though many people believe that their abilities are passed down from another generation to the next – they are inheritance in all of us.

Psychic Potential is something that we all hold inside of us but only the right training and development methods will allow you to fully unlock it.

Let me show you how!

Book for Psychic Development


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What you will find in this book

This book is for all those people who are serious about their psychic development.

  • step-by-step approach to discover your own potential
  • interactive assessments
  • proven methods that work
  • full of real-life experience
  • accumulated teachings in psychic development from the best teachers in the world
  • easy to apply exercises
  • confidence building 
  • learn to distinguish between your intuition and your “inner knowing.”
  • expert teachings
I love this book!
It’s very inspiring to open people up to true spiritual understanding different ways of opening your mind to develop the psychic abilities. I was unable to put this book down, it so captured my attention. Brilliantly wrote! Judit. B
Full of wisdom.
This book is a true revelation. Full of wisdom, hope and encouragement! Liz K.
I learned so much
I have always been interested in spirituality and psychic gifts. But unsure where to start - this book ticked all the boxes. Kim Lee
Powerful read!
The personal story of Mehal has really touched me. I had tears in my eyes. I so could relate to the feeling of being lost and alone when no one understands your gifts. Susan M.
A real game changer.
I read this book during my flight to Chicago and it really blew me away. So much knowledge and information have come together here. Alex R.
It made so much sense
This book is great. I discovered so many new things that will truly help me on my spiritual path! Karen T.

Are you still stuck in the insecurity trap?

Most people who embark on their psychic abilities journey soon hit a wall of self-doubts. Many of those people are not able to pass through it. I believe those people just lack the proper foundation and understanding, allowing them to truly discover their potential and draw from their strengths.

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?

  • I am not sure if this is true.
  • What if I am making this all up?
  • Does the spirit world really exist?
  • I don’t have what it takes.
  • Other people are much quicker progressing than myself.
  • I used to have the gift but am not sure anymore.
  • Have I lost my connection to the spirit world?
  • I am not worthy of this.
  • What if people think I am crazy?
  • I dont’ have the time to develop my gifts.
woman doubting

I have been there myself - I feel your pain!

When I had my first psychic experience  I thought that I was crazy too. 

I was scared…. because I could not make sense of what happened. 

I was confused….because it just did not make any sense.

I was worried…that no one would believe me.

Psychic journey

When I finally spoke about my experience.

People around me started calling me crazy, insane, and a witch. Even my own family couldn’t handle my truth. Friends stopped calling me. I got excluded from parties and invites. More and more, I learned that either I

would fit in and deny my truth, or end up completely alone.

This really pushed me to the edge, as I could not handle the pain. I was ready to kill myself – as I believed that I didn’t fit in this world.

That night something happened – I heard this tiny little voice inside of me. “DON’T GIVE UP YET!”

I trusted this voice, with all I had left in me, and not long after I embarked on a journey to find the truth.

I spent 15 years traveling the world. On this journey, I lost everything.

I promised myself that I would do whatever it takes, and I was asked to let go of:


  • my home
  • my partner
  • my family
  • my friends
  • all the money I had saved up
  • my secure job
  • and sometimes I thought I would lose my mind too

On this journey all around the world, I left no stone unturned:

  • I stayed at monasteries and spoke to priests & monks
  • I lived with artists and free spirits
  • I met some well-known spiritual teachers
  • visited temples, churches, and mosques
  • I studied meditation and world religions
  • read every book about philosophy I could find 
  • and still I could not find the answers I was looking for
Incense for meditation

Till one day - when I was just about to give up, exhausted from my travels - someone handed me a book and I found my way to the Arthur Findlay College.

Suddenly I knew that I was not crazy - "but was very gifted!" It all made sense and the tide started to turn.

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”
― Buddha


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