There is a power within you - it's time to reclaim it!

Do you believe in psychic abilities?
Did you ever had a psychic experience but not quite sure what to make of them?
You are not alone, over 25% of the world population (1.75 billion people)
believe in psychic powers.

More and more people encounter things that stretch their current understanding about the “real” human potential and the world beyond.

But what are actually those psychic powers and what do we do with them?

This book will answer your questions and assist you in discovering your very own psychic potential.

You will learn to understand that even though many people believe that their abilities are passed down from another generation to the next – they are inheritance in all of us.

Psychic Potential is something that we all hold inside of us but only the right training and development methods will allow you to fully unlock it.

Let me show you how!

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What you will find in this book

“This book is the accumulation of a real life journey of self discovery and spiritual wisdom. It is all that I learned about myself, my gifts and and psychic development. Years of travelling, studying, researching and working in this field have come together to give you all that you need to know. 

This book for all those who are ready to Unlock their Psychic Potential and shine a light on who they truly are.

This is my gift to you!”

~ Mehal Mahipal

I love this book!
It’s very inspiring to open people up to true spiritual understanding different ways of opening your mind to develop the psychic abilities. I was unable to put this book down, it so captured my attention. Brilliantly wrote! Judit. B
Full of wisdom.
This book is a true revelation. Full of wisdom, hope and encouragement! Liz K.
I learned so much
I have always been interested in spirituality and psychic gifts. But unsure where to start - this book ticked all the boxes. Kim Lee
Powerful read!
The personal story of Mehal has really touched me. I had tears in my eyes. I so could relate to the feeling of being lost and alone when no one understands your gifts. Susan M.
A real game changer.
I read this book during my flight to Chicago and it really blew me away. So much knowledge and information have come together here. Alex R.
It made so much sense
This book is great. I discovered so many new things that will truly help me on my spiritual path! Karen T.

A true life story

This book is based on a true life story, about an exceptional gift and the fearless journey to follow its call.

A young girl born in 1984 in Germany. From birth she is given the second sight and holds vivid memories of her past life. Unable to express her abilities openly she struggles to find her place in this world. No on eseem to believe her and some even call her a witch.

Only the nurturing care of her grandmother who seem to understand the young girls inborn abilities, offers hope in times when all felt lost.

However, the real journey starts when the young girl has a precognition dream about a place she needs to find.

She sets out on 15 year journey in which she travels all around the world just to discover the real puporse of her gifts.


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Over a decade of work in this field

In 2011 I finally started as a student at the College of Psychic Studies. First Psychic Development and Mediumship, later on I deepened my knowledge in Spiritualism, and fine tuned my public speaking skills and demonstraiton of my gifts.

In 2013 I started working at The Arthur Findaly College as translator alongside world-renowed mediums, soon I found myself travelling all over Europe. While taking my own studies in Spiritualism, Occultims and Theosophy to expand my knowledge.

This book combines my knowledge and understanding of the matter of Psychic Development, its potential, phenomena and expression.

Hundreds of hours of research and experiments have come together here. With some stories of pioneers and wisdom of the most influencing mediums and healers in this field.


Proven methods and practical advice


I gathered years of challenges and experiences as a student but also as a teacher. I conducted of my own experiments and analyzed scientific evidence.

I worked with Ghosthunters, Paranromal Investigatiors, Spiritualist and psychics, healers and artists. I sat with Spiritual Gurus, Shamans and the homeless. All of them shared their wisdom with me, today I pass it on to you.

During those years I documented my own progess and psushed my own boundaries.

I found out what worked and what didn’t. Furthermore I realized why certain people had problems to develop their abilites while others progressed very fast.

These proven methods can be found in this book. Next to the pracitcal advice you need to become confident with your gift.


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“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”
― Buddha


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