Experience the power of

Astroshamanic Healing Ritual

What makes my Shamanic Healing Sessions so powerful?

My Astroshamanic Healing Sessions are highly personalised based on my clients needs. I combine the ancient healing method of shamanism with the power of astrology.

I use my clients horoscope to find the best time for their healing. This way I can ensure  even more powerful healing in each session, by offering healing at the right time.

How do I know that the Astroshamanic Healing Session is for me?


Do you feel exhausted, tired or stressed? The demands of the world around you are just too much?


Are you dealing with a situation that is overwhelming? Maybe you are struggling with pain or trauma from the past?


No matter what you are going through at the moment – you are not alone.


Over the years my Astroshamanic Healing Sessions helped thousands of people around the world.

You can be one of them.


Are you ready to receive help on your healing journey?

Experience the profound changes this can bring to your life.

Shamanic Healing Mehal Mahipal

How does an Astroshamanic Healing Session work?

I am the only 3rd Degree Astroshamanic Healer in the UK. For over ten years I have trained and developed my second sight and then went for five years to train with one of the best Astroshamanic teachers in the world. Today I combine my knowledge of healing with my abilty to see beyond the ordinary.

In Astroshamanism, we use the knowledge and power of cosmic forces presented in astrology to “practice” the right healing at the right time.
My Healing Rituals help to release and heal very deep-seated wounding, for instance, trauma, shock, abuse, unworthiness, loss of power, and other traumatic instances.
To get a better overview about you and your situation I will need the following prior to your Healing Session:
  • a short email about your problem and why you request healing

  • a current photo of you

  • your birth date incl. time and place, if possible

  • Once I received the information, we will find the best timing of the ritual

Are you ready to transform your life?

Reclaim your power, enhance your energy and move forward in life with confidence.


What my clients say:

Why I only offer Distance Healing Sessions

To be able to provide a safe and sacred space for healing no matter where you are in the world. This allows me to conduct your healing ritual in a energetic protected space that I already charged with high vibrational energy.

Astroshamanic work is deep energetic shifting work!

Therefore its not suitable for people who are not ready to heal on a deep level.

Many problems that we experience physically have their origin on another level such as emotionally, mentally or even spiritually. This understanding allows us after all to view certain circumstances from a holistic approach. This is why an Astroshamanic Ritual is so powerful, because it allows us to heal on many levels.

Healing Reaction and Aftercare

It can happen that you will have an energetic reaction after the healing. This is only a sign that the body, mind and spirit is releasing old energy and need to find a new balance. Normally this kind of release will not take longer than 2 days.

Allow yourself to rest and take it easy. Drink plenty of water. It is very important during that time to be gentle and take good care of yourself.

If you experience anything that you find difficult to understand you can always reach out to us.


Reach out today, and let me assist you on your personal Healing Journey.

You should consider an Astroshamanic Healing Ritual if you:
  • Find yourself unable to deal with the past.

  • Suffered a loss in any form 

  • Are you dealing with depressive moods?

  • Struggle with addiction problems

  • Are dealing with psychic attacks

  • Suffer from low self-esteem or unworthiness

  • Experienced a shock or trauma

  • Are dealing you with chronic illness

  • Experiences abuse in any form

An Astroshamanic Healing Ritual is a powerful way to receive healing that is in harmony with the cosmic forces. There is not better time than now!

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