The Healing Session includes

Sacred Shamanic Tools

The tools for each ritual are carefully selected. Depending on the clients situation and circumstances necessary for the healing journey.

Best Astrological Timing

To enhance the power of the shamanic healing ritual we will be choosing the best astrological timing which is unique to you.


Benefits of shamanic healing in releasing karmic ties

Over the years my Astroshamanic Healing Sessions helped thousands of people around the world.

Be one of them.

Receive the help you need!

Experience the profound changes this can bring to your life.

Shamanic Healing Mehal Mahipal

3 Easy Steps to receive your Astroshamanic Healing Session

1. Finding the right time for your Healing

Based on your personal birth chart and current astrological transits.

2. Hold the Astroshamanic Healing Ritual

Via Distance - so you can stay in your safe space.

3. Receive Feedback via email

Find out more details about your Session and what to do next.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Now is the right time.

Reclaim your power, enhance your energy and move forward in life with confidence.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

- Rumi

Get your personalised Session - tailored around your needs.

When to book an Astroshamanic Healing Session

Now - if you struggle with the following:

An Astroshamanic Healing Ritual is a powerful way to receive healing that is in harmony with the cosmic forces.

Don't miss the Opportunity

Experience a transformative Shamanic Healing Session?

I am Ready!!

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