Understanding past lives through astrology

My Story

Since I was a young child I had vivid memories of my past life. There was no question about it as I could feel the truth deep down in my heart. Furthermore, pictures suddenly would arise, places I lived and visited, people I used to know. When I got older those impressions got even stronger, as if my soul would be calling me. I started traveling all around the world and visited many places and met people who felt so strangely familiar to me. Those experiences had such a deep impact on my life and changed everything. When I started studying Astrology more deeply, it all made total sense. This allowed me to understand past lives and their connections through astrology. The places I visited and people I met were not placed in my way by accident it was fate to allow me to see more clearly.

Today, through my work as Astrologer and Shamanic Healer I help others to explore deeper truths.

Discover your Past Life & Karmic Connections

I can help you to understand the past, the present, and the future better.

A powerful tool for your soul growth

The concept of past lives refers to the belief that an individual's soul or consciousness has lived in previous bodies before the current one. This idea is commonly associated with certain religious and spiritual traditions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Over time this concept has been adapted by spiritual astrologers and allowed to create an understanding on how past life experiences can influence our current life and future potential.

What is included in a Karmic Astrology Reading?

Your personal Karmic Astrology Reading includes many different aspects that will help you understanding past lives and your current life through astrology better. It could confirm things that you have always be aware of as well as uncover new truths about yourself and others. 

Understanding past lives through astrology

By determining your karmic axis it allows me to show you what your past wants you to know. This can bring a vast understanding of who you truly are and what you came here to do.
Understanding past lives through astrology

Karmic patterns of relationships

Your horoscope can offer helpful insights into understanding your relationship dynamics. We will unravel the reasons for karmic connections and dive deep into their purpose.
Understanding past lives through astrology

Healing through karmic astrology guidance

Your curiosity for past life exploration is closely connected with the desire to heal and move forward. My Karmic Astrology Reading will help you to understand what is holding you back and how you can release yourself from the past.

Your detailed Report will include:

Horoscope Analyzis

Based on your birth chart I will analyze your karmic axis and its meaning. Furthermore, I will determine which of your houses and signs are karmically aspected.

Karmic Location

By looking at an astrological world map, I can locate places connected to your soul's growth & healing as well as areas impacting your relationships.

Karmic Balance

There are reasons why the past keeps repeating itself. I will highlight which karmic patterns rule your life and show you you can break free from them.

Discover your Past Life and Karmic Connections

“All the records of your past lives are contained within your own soul, just as the records of your ancestors are contained within your DNA.”
Understanding past lives through astrology

Who is this Karmic Astrology Reading for?

For all those truth seekers who are ready to transform their lives.

If you struggle:

  • to let go of the past
  • gaining clarity on your path
  • with a lack of confidence
  • being drawn to unhealthy relationships
  • finding your purpose in life
  • to understand your past life memories
  • to belong in this world
  • release yourself from toxic patterns 
  • to set boundaries
  • to make sense of painful experiences
  • to understand why you feel drawn to certain places

If you want:

  • understand your soul’s mission
  • explore your past lives and their effect on this life
  • live a more empowered life
  • find places that help you to heal
  • discover the deeper meaning of current experiences
  • understand real love and how to embrace it in your life
  • create a life that is based on freedom of choice
  • realize karmic connections and their meaning
  • discover deeper spiritual truths
  • implement a new way of life

What my clients say:

“This Karmic Astrology Reading blew my mind. I now understand why I had struggled so much to make changes in my life. Thank you so much for this!”


Understanding past lives through astrology
Understanding past lives through astrology
“The moment I started listen to my Karmic Astrology Reading I already felt healing energy moving through my body. You have such a gift Mehal, your voice is so soothing and your explanations are just amazing!” Gloria
“Wow, what can I say? It all makes so much sense. The choices I made in the past, the people & places  I felt drawn to. I now realise how Astrology actually can help me to understand myself on such a deep level. I am so grateful.” 


Healing with Astrology

Get your personal Karmic Astrology Reading and discover how the past impacts your current life

I am looking forward working with you and exploring your past life influence and karmic connections.

There has never been a better time than this!

Mehal Mahipal

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