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Astrology Horoscope & Tarot Card Readings

All of my Readings are very personal and will be audio-recorded, afterward send to you via email. This way you can listen to your Reading as often as you want and also avoid long waiting time.

Mehal Mahipal

Julie 2

I was born with second sight, this allowed me already from a very early age to become aware of multidimensional realities.

Over the years I fine-tuned my abilities through training and study with some of the best teachers in this field. I learned how I can become aware of a person’s past, present, and future potential. Today I use this ability in my Astrology & Tarot Card Readings.

For nearly a decade I have now given Readings to hundreds and hundreds of people all over the world and guided them on their spiritual path. The accuracy and practicality of my Astrology Horoscope Readings are outstanding and my clients seek my advice regularly.

Astrology Tarot Card Reading

- Get Intuitive Astrological Insights into current situations which you are dealing with -

An Astrology Tarot Card Reading is a powerful way to get insights into your personal life and it can help you to see things from a totally different perspective. In this Reading, I am using the Black Moon Astrology Cards.

What you get:

  • direct energetic connections between you and me as base for this reading
  • deep insights into a situationa  you are facing
  • practical advice on how to move forward
  • more clarity
  • answers to important questions
  • overview on astrological forces that play a role in your life at the moment in time
  • immediate spiritual guidance within a few days
  • audio recording of this Reading will be sent directly to your email so you can listen to it as often as you want

Astrology Tarot Card Reading

Receive your Astrological Guidance and deep insights into a current problem you are facing.

Karmic Reading

- Find out who you were in a past life and discover your future potential -

A karmic Reading focuses solely on your past lives experiences and future potential. The base of the Reading is created by a look individualinto your personal birth chart. Here we can buildsindivioual position of your South and North Node which build the foundation for this 60min. personal Reading. It is used to help people understand relationships, vocations, family life and to bring an end to recurring patterns of negative behavior.

What you will get:

  • profound insights into past lives
  • understanding of important lessons that you had to learn
  • integration of those energies into your current life
  • better awareness of toxic patterns that need to be released
  • insights into future potential on your spiritual path
  • practical advice on how to move forward
  • deep teachings of karmic energies
  • releasing and resolving karmic conflict
  • taking charge of your current life
  • creating a better future vision for yourself
  • based on your personal birth chart

Astrological Karmic Reading

Explore insights into your past lives and find out how you can integrate their teachings in this life. Reading is based on your individual birthchart.

Love and Relationship Horoscope Reading

- Do you want to find more about your love and realtionship potential? -

This 60min. intuitve astrology Reading is based on your personal birth chart. I will take a look at your horoscope with the emphasis focused on all the planets that are related to the matters of the heart. To find out what is that you desire in a relationship and who would be your perfect match.

Love, Sex & Relationship Horoscope Reading

This Reading deals with the matters of the heart, your desires and needs.
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Now I know why I am attracting the wrong people when it comes to love and how I can change that. Can only recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much. xxx
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I received a Relationship Horoscope Reading by Mehal Mahipal and it was so accurate. Unbelievable how something like that is actually written in the stars. Powerful.
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I have been dating unsuccessfully for so many years. I actually was so close to giving up on the whole dating scene. Then I decided to get a Love Reading from Mehal ( a friend recommended her to me) and it really astonished me. It made so much sense and now I feel much more confident in finding Mr. Right now. Thank you for giving me new hope!

Love Compatibility Horoscope Reading

- Find out how well you and your partner fit together and how you both can enhance your love relationship -

This astrology horoscope Reading will compare your personal chart with the astrology chart of your partner. Find out how you both match together, what are your personal desires and needs in a relationship. Furthermore, it will also give practical advice on how to move forward and make this relationship work over the course of time. 

Love Compatibility Reading

What attracts your partner to you? How well do you guys match and what can you do to make this connection last?
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