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Astrology for Women with Mehal Mahipal

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impact of astrology on shaping individual destiny

"Astrology is the oldest and most accurate tool known to mankind"

- Chris Fisher

Nice to meet You!

I 'm Mehal Mahipal

Your expert guide when it comes to Astrology and Healing. I truly believe that every woman can transform her life with Astrology. I am here to show you how...

For thousands of years Astrology has been used for Divination, Forecasting and Prediction.

Today, I use Astrology to transform lives.

The ultimate magical Guidance

Your 12 months Astrology Forecast

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How would your life change if you had a map that could tell you exactly what to expect over the next twelve months?

What if there would be a possibility to show you when time and energy are working in your favor?

  • to make new connections
  • receive the right support
  • change jobs, careers, or vocation
  • find love and build new relationships
  • possibility to earn money easily
  • the right time to expand your area of influence
  • best time to travel or move

Your personal astrological transits will indicate all of this and more.

I will also tell you when:

  • you can expect to face challenges
  • better to stay low-key and not act fast
  • times when it's not good for any investments
  • great opportunity for healing and gaining clarity

My 12-month Astrology Forecast is your opportunity to receive a personal magical astrology map to navigate through the next few months.


"Past life memories
are the autobiography
of your soul"

- Unknown

Take a look into Past Lives

Karmic Astrology Reading

- Change the way you see the world -

Karmic Astrology is a powerful way to gain insights into the karmic connections you hold in this lifetime. We will be taking a look at your past life and how this plays a role in your current experiences. 

Find out which areas in your life hold karmic entanglements,  what purpose they serve, and how you can make those connections work for you.

We will be taking a close look at:

  • Karmic Axis as seen in your birth chart
  • Placements of the karmic planets and their interaction
  • Highlighting unhealthy karmic areas in your life
  • Guidance on how to relieve those patterns
  • Seeking support from karmic helpers
  • Places of Karmic power for you to activate


What my Clients say:

Using Astrology for Healing

Experience the power of Shamanic Healing

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The ancient healing modality has been practiced for thousands of years by medicine women and men all over the world.

Benefit from the knowledge and rituals that have been used for centuries. Tap into the world's oldest holistic healing method and find your life transformed.

Learn more.

Best Shamanic Healing Uk
Shamanic Healing UK
Shamanism UK
Shamanic Healing Session UK
Best Shamanic Healing Uk
Shamanis UK

“Mehal Mahipal is such an inspiration, she makes things so easy to understand, the work she does is brilliant and so positive. Had a brilliant day today on the psychic abilities course, can’t wait for the next one.”

Sharon, UK

“Really enjoyed the day course into awakening psychic abilities. Mehal Mahipal is a really lovely woman and is so easy to listen to. I look forward to seeing more of her”

Kay – UK

“I met Mehal Mahipal at a collective knowledge workshop where she led a guided meditation it was very relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. She then spoke about psychic ability which was very very interesting. Mehal Mahipal is incredibly informative and interesting, highly recommended”

Louise – UK

“I was lucky enough to experience one of Mehal Mahipal’s guided meditations during a trip, Mehal Mahipal has a lovely soothing voice and her meditation left me feeling peaceful, happy and relaxed.”

Sonia – UK

“I live in Sweden and received a session of distance healing two days ago. At first I felt relaxed and energized and now, two days later, I am experiencing a calmness within and an enhanced awareness. I Can definitely recommend distance healing with Mehal Mahipal. She is fantastic!” 

Yvonne – Sweden

“I recently received a distance healing from Mehal Mahipal. And It truly was a distance, as I live in Canada, and she in the UK. I was a little nervous, anxious the days leading up to my session, but Mehal Mahipal, in her kind, gentle way, explained what may occur and to notice any changes in the days following. I am an artist and after this session, I wonder where my Art will take me now. I recommend Mehal Mahipal if you are looking for a healing session. Thank you, Mehal Mahipal. Most grateful xo” 

Jane- Canada

“I got a distance healing from Mehal Mahipal and thought it was terrific. It’s fascinating how quickly I could feel the energy, since there are a few kilometres between Mehal Mahipal in England and me in Switzerland. I highly recommend Mehal Mahipal as a healing medium. She is a wonderful heart person and I’m already looking forward to a next healing. Thank you Mehal Mahipal, nice that you exist” 

Carmen- Switzerland

“I attended a meditation and discussion evening with Mehal Mahipal last night. I didn’t know what to expect but I had a great experience.
Mehal Mahipal led a fantastic meditation which left me feeling very relaxed and the day after I felt very energised and more in control of my anxiety.
She also talked about astrology and psychic abilities which she was very knowledgeable about and I could have listened to her all night long.
I would definitely recommend Mehal Mahipal services.” 

Amanda – UK

“I have just had an amazing reading from Mehal Mahipal, she was absolutely spot on! She told me something about everything I wanted/needed to hear about and was very sympathetic and kind!! I will definitely be coming to Mehal Mahipal for a reading again! Lovely lovely lady xxx”

Elizabeth, UK

Dive deeper into the world of Astrology and its meaning.

My practical and easy to use E-book guides will help you to get started.

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Explore intuitive Astrology with this E-book guide.

Start today!

Explore intuitive Astrology with this E-book guide.

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