Astrology Tarot Cards Reading (14 – Cards)

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This Astrology Tarot Card Reading contains a Spread of 14-cards.

It is for all those who seek intutive, astrological insights into a situation.

Mehal Mahipal has developed this card spread to offer her Readings to clients and combine the power of Astrology with Tarot Cards for better alignment.

It is a compelling and revealing Reading that brings many insights and practical advice.

The Intuitive Astrology Tarot Reading is 60min. Audio recorded and will be sent directly to your inbox via email.

This way, you can listen to the Reading repeatedly and won’t miss anything.



Astrology Tarot Card Reading – 50min. 

An Astrology Tarot Card Reading is a powerful way to get insights into your personal life and it can help you to see things from a totally different perspective.

An Astrology Tarot Card Reading offers you:

  • deep insights into movement of universal forces
  • assistance during challenging life situations
  • 50min. intensive Tarot Card Reading regarding your problem
  • more clarity an sense of direction
  • higher insights and spiritual guidance
  • extensive knowledge in experimental astrology
  • answers to important questions
  • to review your situation more objectively

Do you want to know how an Astrology Tarot Card Reading can help you with your personal life?

22 reviews for Astrology Tarot Cards Reading (14 – Cards)

  1. Tanya

    Such a great reading from a very talented lady, Mehal Mahia you gave me clarity on areas in my life I needed, I am forever grateful to you

  2. Helen

    I found Mehal Mahipal through recommendation I was unsure as to whether to go ahead but I’m so pleased I did. Her reading was insightful and interesting and became more meaningful as time went by. She has a gorgeous manner and very much there for you. I would highly recommend.

  3. Becki

    So insightful and detailed, she was spot on with everything and helped me to see what was really going on and where to focus on to find clarity i need. Would thoroughly recommend a reading. She’s incredibly kind and friendly too

  4. Amy

    I’ve known Mehal Mahipal for a couple of years now, have had several readings, and would highly recommend. Each time Mehal Mahipal taps right into what’s on the forefront of my mind and brings me so much clarity and freedom that it makes taking the next steps in life simple and exciting. I love working with her – if you’re looking for a sense of direction and clarity, I’d recommend booking your reading today 🙂

  5. June Dillow

    Her reading for me was so interesting and made so much sense to me, it has given me an outlook to things that I didn’t know I needed but obviously I did. She is so kind with a beautiful nature and I would highly recommend.

  6. Wendy

    Very good reading and very accurate Bring on January 2021

  7. Helen Iles-Hughes

    After an initial hiccup with scheduling, the universe decided the reading would go ahead on 11.11.2020 at 11.30. A blessing to be sure!
    I am a bit of a tarot/oracle card fiend, so this astrology reading was something a little bit different for me to the regular Celtic Cross.
    This psychic astrology spread covers sun, moon, moon placement and house positions 1-12, with additional further clarity for any questions that may arise throughout the reading.
    The random, intuitively guided cards pulled were matched to my birth sign and significant relationships in my life with an uncanny accuracy and gave me a perception to the whys and wherefores of my life’s pathways, included a few unacknowledged (moon) ones indicating current healing areas being faced.
    A professional, but friendly experience overall with interesting and accurate insight.
    Many thanks!

  8. David

    Thank you for such an accurate and positive reading! You certainly gave me clarity on where I am now and where I could be as the future months unfold. Thank you again for your insights, knowledge and kindness. I highly recommend a reading from you. 🙂

  9. Emma Jenkins

    I was so very pleased with my reading, very insightful, thank you so much. What I found pretty mind blowing was, what was being told was things I had been thinking about already. So roll on 2021.
    I would highly reccomend anyone to get a reading. Thank you again

  10. Polly Burn

    I’ve been receiving energy work and tarot card readings for a few years now and today’s was like Mehal Mahipal had managed to empty what was in my head. It’s so accurate and a great support for creating my personal & business journey into 2021.

  11. Andrea

    Absolutely blown away by how accurate this reading was and have not met me, I wasn’t sure how it would work but honestly, Mehal nailed my character and recent struggles and gave me hope for the future. Thankyou so much . Clearly a very gifted lady

  12. Jane

    Recommended by a friend and did not disappoint. Fantastic, intuitive reading with far more information and guidance than I could have imagined. Very relevant to my life at the moment. Calming, helpful and I can’t recommend enough. Thank-you so much.

  13. Caroline

    Excellent astrological reading which gave me deep insights into transits coming my way next year coupled with ideas/suggestions on how to heal blocks to greater fulfilment. Mehal is an extremely gifted astrologer. Highly recommended.

  14. Adelaide

    I had a reading yesterday and found it to be very reassuring and insightful. She picked up on a lot of things that have been making life seem very tough lately and assured me that I’m on the right path despite those things. This gave me a lot of hope and comfort.

  15. MARK

    I listened to my first ever reading this weekend and was blown away with the accuracy and insight into my past, present and future. I would highly recommend Mehal to anyone and look forward to many more to come. Rushing home soon to listen to my wife’s reading! Thank you so much

  16. Holly

    A very insightful reading from a lovely woman. I would highly recommend.

  17. Adelaide Schwec

    I have had several readings from Mehal now and each time they are spot on. She also has a lovely warmth about her. Highly recommend.

  18. Triona (verified owner)

    Thank you Mehal for such an insightful reading on my inner and outer life…this reading was spot on… I heard what I was meant to hear, and at the time I was meant to hear it.. thank you ❤️

  19. RJ

    Wow! Absolutely amazing, very accurate, and therapeutic in a way that I can’t describe. I mean the advice was really amazing you gave out and I would like to thank you for making my first Tarot card Reading such a wonderful experience.

  20. May

    I knew you were good but bloody hell, you’re f**** really good!!!! WOW xxxxx

    I’ll listen again today so it sinks in. This is therapeutic thank you so much xxx

  21. Candace Candido

    I had a reading with Mehal. Her work is remarkably accurate, but also very comforting. I appreciate the love that she is sharing in her gifts especially today, where you can easily get lost in all the noise. Her reading has set me on my path, finally. I am grateful for all her light that she is selflessly sharing with the world.

  22. Ema B.

    Thank you Mehal. Spot on, as always. This karmic connection you were talking about is so powerful, at least I can understand this pull now. Thank you.

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