Shamanic Healing Session

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In Astroshamanic Healing we use the knowledge and power of cosmic forces to create sacred ceremonies for profound spiritual and emotional healing. We understand that every person is unique, therefore each shamanic healing ritual will be tailored specifically around your needs.

These Healing Sessions are held via distance, which means that you can stay in the comfort of your own home (wherever you are in the world) while I conduct your sacred healing ceremony in my healing space.
You will receive an email after the Session with insights, suggestions, or visions that came to me during the ritual


How does it work?

I will need:

  • a current photo of you
  • your birth date incl. time and place if possible
  • After I received the required information I will offer you a few options for the best timing for the sacred healing ritual
  • During the healing ritual, you should take some time to lay down and relax undisturbed ( if you can), so the healing energies can flow and integrate better ( 90 – 120min). If this is not possible we will guide you how you can receive the healing any time you are ready.

You should consider an Astroshamanic Healing Ritual if you:

  • Find yourself unable to deal with the past
  • Suffered a loss in any form
  • Are dealing with depressive moods
  • Struggle with addiction problems
  • Are dealing with psychic attacks
  • Suffer from low self-esteem or unworthiness
  • Experienced a shock or trauma
  • Are dealing with chronic illness
  • Experienced abuse in any form
  • Hold ancestral pain

If you have any questions or you are not sure if this Healing Ritual is for you, don’t hesitate to email us:

Further Information on this Session can be found here…

After we received your payment, we will be in touch to arrange a date and time for your session to take place.

6 reviews for Shamanic Healing Session

  1. Nicola

    This was amazing ive had alot of healing sessions/therapys and nothing felt like this.
    I went through all the information before the session took place and the correct time and day was worked out. On receiving the astroshamanic ritutal I lay relaxing and had to run through thing in my mind the energy I felt was intense and in waves it was absolutely amazing and even after the session I still feel the energy now and a lot coming up to let go of and I feel a release is taking place.
    I would recommend this to anyone I feel its helped and continues to help me move forward and raise and reclaim my energy and power thank you so much.

  2. Maria

    Es war für mich die beste Entscheidung, die astroschamanische Heilung für mich und meine zwei Kinder von Mehal Mahipal machen zu lassen.
    Das tolle daran ist, dass Entfernung dabei überhaupt keine Rolle spielt, da ich in Österreich wohne und Mehal Mahipal in England.
    Die Wirkung dieser sehr starken Heilenergie ist phänomenal und wird von Mehal Mahipal nach den individuellen Erfordernissen, der zu heilenden Person, angewendet
    Dank Mehal Mahipal bin ich wieder, oder sogar noch viel mehr, in meiner Kraft und habe mich emotional von einer sehr schwierigen Situation lösen können.
    Nochmals vielen, lieben Dank!

  3. Helen

    Wow. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was amazing. I could not believe the insights Mehal Mahipal provided me after the healing they were spot on and I’ve thought about it nearly everyday since. Mehal Mahipal identified and cleared issues from childhood. I feel much lighter, confident and freer than ever before. I cannot thank Mehal Mahipal enough and highly recommend xx

  4. Judit

    Even after my sessions with the help from Mehal Mahipal I am continuing to heal on a daily basis. And I can feel it. Healing is not always magical and uplifting, sometimes it s ugly and hard work but support and reassurance is provided whenever I need it and it means the world to me.
    Couldn’t recommend these healing sessions highly enough.

  5. Sally (verified owner)

    Mehal’s Astroshamanic Healing Ritual Session has literally put me back together again. My energies had become very ungrounded, old energies stuck and was starting to feel very unwell which was manifesting physically and with a mind racing all over the place. I knew I needed outside intervention and intuitively knew Mehal was absolutely the right way forward. Within a day of the healing I felt complete, restored and new energies taking root. Throughout the healing ritual, I could feel everything changing and realigning. Following the session, Mehal shares her insights and wisdom on what became clear and how she remedied what she found. This helps lay a fresh path to walk and work on with wise and solid insight and guidance. You also receive a photo of your personal ritual used to bring healing. Mehal is down to earth, honest, gentle with very accurate healing support. She continues to help me to develop with other services she offers and gives me the insights to keep moving forward for my highest good. Highly Recommend this ritual either as a one off, or, as a superb way to check in with yourself when you feel the need to keep 100 per cent fully aligned. Thank you so much Mehal.

  6. Anna P.

    Mehal’s Healing Session was powerful and restorative, and her feedback was very insightful for me. A few days after the session I felt more grounded and clearer on my path and purpose. Definitely recommended!

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