Karmic Astrology Reading

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The Karmic Astrology Reading offers you clear, profound, and helpful insights into your karmic connections and entanglement. Based on your personal birth chart we will unlock the power to raise your consciousness, explore triggers and activations of karmic patterns and situations, and find ways on how to heal them.

Note: Once you have booked the Karmic Astrology Reading we will be in touch with you to request your birth details such as (date/place and time – if possible). You also have the chance to ask any questions. We then will take a few days to calculate and analyze your birth chart and will send you the personal audio-recorded 60 minutes. Karmic Astrology Report to your email. This way you can listen to your Reading as often as you want and won’t miss a thing.



In this Reading, we will unravel the karmic patterns that you have brought into this lifetime. We will discover why you often seek out the same experiences or face similar challenges. Based on your personal birth chart I will have a deep look at where your karmic axis is located and explain to you about its meaning. Before I will show you which areas in your life are karmic entangled and why you find it so hard to release yourself from them.

Moreover, I will explore karmic locations and places around the world that can assist you in healing and personal growth.

This a powerful Reading for all those seeking a deeper understanding of their past (lives), present experiences, and future potential.


3 reviews for Karmic Astrology Reading

  1. Stephanie

    Dear Mehal, my Karmic Astrology Reading was amazing. It really described me and the issues I am facing in this life time to 95%. Its unbelieveable how this is possible. I can only recommend to anyone to get a Reading like this. Thank you so much for your support.

  2. Jessie

    This Karmic Astrology Reading is just so acurate. I always felt there was more and know I clearly understand why I made the choices I did. Even how my past life affects my current life. I will listen to it again and again as its so much information. I can’t take you enough.

  3. Rosemarie

    Hi, you beautiful Soul. I am just speechless. Thank you so much for my Reading, it is so awesome to finally have put things into words that I felt all my life. It makes soo much sense. Now I understand so much more about how I felt all my life and you have such a great way to put it into words. I really want an Astrology Location Reading now too!

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