Astro Tarot Energy Reading (3 Cards)

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This Astrology Reading is for all those who seek quick and dynamic answers. The Astrology Tarot Energy Reading contains a Spread of 3 cards that present PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE.

This allows direct insight into a situation that you seek answers to.

The card meaning:

PAST – Here, we find the past’s energetic influence affecting the situation.

PRESENT – Stands for the situation’s current energies and clarifies what should/can happen next.

FUTURE – This shows the future potential for the situation to unfold. This is not a future prediction but rather the possibility of what lies ahead.

A powerful Reading jam-packed with information to bring clarity and a course of action to the person seeking advice and empowering your free will to make the choices that feel right for you.

If you are new to Astrology, this Reading is perfect for learning more about Astrological meaning and influence. The Astrology Tarot Energy Reading is 30min. And will be audio recorded, so you can listen to it repeatedly and won’t miss a thing.


Please state your question that you want Mehal Mahipal to focus on, upon the time of booking.

16 reviews for Astro Tarot Energy Reading (3 Cards)

  1. Frankie Wilks

    I had a mini astrology card distance reading with Mehal Mahipal and it’s amazing how much information you get! Absolutely spot on, and the advice given made so much sense to my situation. Mehal Mahipal has such a lovely way about her too, very calming ☺️ Thank you so much!

  2. Chris Wilks

    I had a mini astrology reading from Mehal Mahipal and what can I say? The reading resonated with me and anyone seeking guidance, should speak with Mehal Mahipal. Friendly and explains clearly whilst also answered any questions I had afterwards.

  3. Anita

    I received my mini Astro Reading from Mehal Mahipal and it really resonated with me.
    Picking up on many issues which were contributing to my depleted energy and poor sleeping pattern.
    It has been the push I needed to create more time for myself by working less hours and being able to use my energy more effectively.Thank you

  4. Tracie

    Had an anazingly accurate reading and spookily it even mentioned a conversation i had the night before with a friend! I would highly recommend anyone to have a reading, excellent advice for moving forward too

  5. Kimberley wharton

    Really pleased with my reading, very accurate and insightful with what is currently going on in my life. I really enjoyed receiving my reading in an audio format as well which has allowed me to listen to it more than once. Feeling much more confident to move forward and this reading really was the boost I needed. I will be booking more from Mehal Mahipal in the future. Highly recommend.

  6. Michelle Price

    I had an astro energy reading
    Mehal Mahipal picked up on me exactly 💯
    I didn’t need any guidance but she knew I was on the right path
    Very interesting and spot on 👌

  7. Lisa Tudor-williams

    I recently had a distance reading by Mehal Mahipal, I was apprehensive how good a connection could be made remotely but I was very impressed by the spot on information and advice given. I will definitely be interested in future readings. Great job, thank you 🙏🏻

  8. Christine Sarač-Funck

    I had a distance astro energy reading.
    I was really pleased by the reading and her loving, warming and kind way was so wonderful.
    I can absolutely recommand Mehal Mahipal to everyone ☺️❤️

  9. Shelly

    I had an astrology energy reading from mehal mahipal and it absolutely blew me away everything said was absolutely spot on and told me things that was happening in my life which was also truly accurate.. I 💯 highly recommend 👌😊

  10. Julie Cockburn

    I found Mehal Mahipal was able to shine a light on, de – muddle and suggest a way forward, all of which is no mean feat in ten minutes. I have found myself listening to the reading again and again, slightly uncomfortable, as she speaks with such clarity and wisdom, but recognise exactly what she was saying. Thank you xx

  11. Jane

    I recently had a distance mini astrology reading from Mehal Mahipal. I was very pleased, and it was very eye-opening for the reason to the way I have been feeling lately.
    Thank you Mehal Mahipal for all that you do.

  12. Crystal Atlantis

    I had a mini reading with Mehal & she was spot on, she acurately picked up on things I have been going through in the last 3 months.
    This helped me, as I have been doubting my path & myself recently, Mehal shone clarity upon this & helped me to resolve some things within myself.
    I wouod definitely recommend Mehal, the info she offers is accurate, she has a calm soothing voice that puts you at ease & her connection is strong.
    Thanks so much.
    Wishing you many blessings & loveCrystal x

  13. Jan Boardman

    Such an accurate reading from start to finish .. really connected with everything that was given to me … also love the email video link as it makes you feel like your actually there in person !! Would definitely recommend Mehal to do a reading for you … Excellent forecast . Many many thanks 🙏🥰💚

  14. Stephanie

    Just what I needed to to hear in dark times, reminding me to keep faith in the universe and helped put things back in perspective when life feels too much. A few weeks after my reading and everything fell into place just as the reading explained and things are finely getting better again. Thank you to the universe and mehal for your guidance and reassuring words Xx

  15. Richard Metcalfe

    Such a personally relevant and informative reading, beautifully delivered too with clear guidance going forward, Thank you and much gratitude 🙏💫

  16. Kerry R.

    Mehal, I feel so emotional and so positive after listening to your reading…..I have never had a reading where I actually felt it was very much meant for me but with yours I felt completely connected….thank you thank you thank you….

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