Personalized 12-months Astrology Forecast


Do you want to find out what the next 12 months hold in store for you? Do you want to know when opportunities present themselves?

This detailed accurate astrology predictions for the upcoming year will guide you on how to face upcoming challenges, grap the right opportunties and prepare yourself for what lays ahead of you. This Astrology Report can be booked any time and will start to show your personal transits over the coming twelve months. This unique 60min. audio recorded, jam packed Astrology Forecast is based on your personal horoscope and includes all the details that you need to know.




Your 12-month Astrology Forecast includes:

  • A strategy for how to make the next 12 months a great opportunity for you
  • Clarity on your overall theme for the next 12 months (which can be different for everyone)
  • Astrological transits that will shape your life over the next year 
  • Essential dates when challenges may arise and how to move through them with ease
  • dates for upcoming mercury retrograde, which allows you to plan ahead
  • solar and lunar eclipses and how they will affect you, and which areas of your life 
  • crucial turning points that might arise
  • covering your love opportunities, possible career promotions or job changes, as well as the best time to travel, make investments, learn something new, or time to put yourself out there (if applicable)

Note: Once you have booked the Astrology Forecast we will be in touch with you to request your birth details such as (date/place and time – if possible). You also have the chance to ask any questions. We then will take a few days to calculate and analyze your birth chart and will send you the personal audio-recorded 60 minutes. Astrology 12 months Forecast to your email. This way you can listen to your Reading as often as you want and won’t miss a thing.

You can read more about the personalized 12-month astrology Forecast here.

Payment can be made in 3 – easy (interest-free) installments.



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