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Unlocking Psychic Potential is for everyone who is interested in Psychic Development. The perfect learning companion to take your psychic abilities to the next level. The book includes 2 Tests in which you can test your stage of development and also find the right psychic expression for you. A wealth of information and knowledge, a must-read for anyone wanting to evolve on their spiritual journey.

“In her book, Unlocking Psychic Potential – Shining a Light on Who You Truly AreMehal Mahipal has succeeded in bringing together a wealth of teaching, experience, and resources to guide the reader on their own spiritual path.

From those who are simply inspired to learn more, to those who are already on a chosen tangent, this guide to discovering your own spirituality will resonate with everyone seeking to learn more about this fascinating subject.

A spiritual teacher guided by over ten years of international learning and personal discovery, Mehal Mahipal uses proven methods to guide you through the stages of identifying your own psychic abilities, describing in detail the options open to you as you follow your spiritual path. As well as explaining how and why you should develop your psychic abilities, Mehal also reflects on the key works of famous spiritual Healers, Mediums, and Investigators, looking at the various forms of psychic expression. Her teaching is backed up by documented cases, by her own life story, and by the vast wealth of experience which she herself has amassed.

This highly recommended book is the perfect accompaniment to a deep journey of spiritual discovery. It can be referred to time and again, remaining equally relevant at every stage.”


The Audiobook “UNLOCKING PSYCHIC POTENTIAL” comes with a special Audiobook Companion ( 55 pages) which includes a table of content,  all the pictures ( as you find them in the book), a Book List for further Reading and Studies, special offers as well as interesting information on further contacts organizations that might interest you.

1 review for Audiobook – UNLOCKING PSYCHIC POTENTIAL

  1. Ross

    A fantastic Audiobook about the fascinating world of psychic phenomena and expressions. Really interesting! Highly recommend.

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