Energy Purification Session 45 Minuten (for Download)

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Energy Purification Session

A guided 45min. Energy Purification Session with immediate access to download.

This Session will help you to purify body, mind and spirit and leave you in a state of much more clarity and well-being.

A thoughtful selection of high vibrational music, energy clearing mantras and guided meditations are very powerful.

Listen to a preview of this powerful guided meditation Session:

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Text & Recording by Mehal Mahipal

Music by Chris Conelly.


A guided 45 minutes Energy Purification Session

Thank you for choosing this guided Energy Purification Session. You can listen to this Session at any time during the day or in the evening before you go to bed.

Just make sure you find a comfortable space where you can lay or sit down undisturbed for the duration of the Session.

You might find it helpful to light incense or smudge the space before you start – but this is totally up to you.

I created this Energy Purification Session to offer people like you the opportunity to receive immediate help and support whenever it is needed.

This guided session will purify the whole of your energy field and restore a natural state of clarity, relaxation, and well-being.

Especially during times of confusion, ill-health, or stressful situations – this session will assist you in a powerful way.

There is absolutely no restriction on how often you can or should listen to this recording. The more you listen to it, the deeper the purification will become. Please feel free to share your feedback and your experience with this powerful energy purification session.


The Energy Purification Session is useful if you:

– need more energy

– want to cleanse your energy field

– seek more motivation and enthusiasm in everyday life

– looking for more confidence

– need more help during phases of recovery and recreation

– want to be able to have better energetic boundaries

– free yourself of stress

– would like to recharge your batteries after a long day at work

– looking for a daily practice to cleanse and rebuild your energy field

– want to start the day with new energy and positivity

A thoughtful selection of high vibrational music, energy clearing mantras, and guided meditations are very powerful.

If you use my Energy Purification Session on a daily basis you will soon see the positive results emerging. You will not only cleanse away the negativity that has been accumulating in your energy field. Furthermore, you will also slowly experience how your mind will change its way of thinking.

Immediate download, directly to your device.

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5 reviews for Energy Purification Session 45 Minuten (for Download)

  1. Soul

    Really good meditation. Listened three days in a row and it feels great. Very well guided.

  2. Nicola hunter

    Excellent purification meditation using it on a regular basis as I feel alot better after.
    Very relaxing and easy to listen too vocals are great.
    Would recommend to anyone.

  3. Judit

    Absolutely gorgeous meditation. I listen to it every day now and can feel the shift in the energy within and with out. Love Mehal Mahipal’s smoothing voice and the beautiful music too. Thank you

  4. Carolin K (verified owner)

    Simply beautiful! I love listening to it just before sleeping. And I wake up fresh and energized when I do. I totally recommend it, it’s worth every cent!
    And I so looooovveee the music!!!
    In total, it’s a work of love and compassion. Thank you🙏

  5. Keely

    Love love this meditation!
    Helps lift my energy after and also relaxes me.

    Thank you x~x~x

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