Spiritual Gifts Reading

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For all those you ever wondered if they possess spiritual gifts and how to use them.


The Spiritual Gifts Reading offers clarity on your spiritual potential, as well as offers excellent insights into possible directions of your path and its expression.

Gentle guidance for those unsure about their own talents and skillset.

 This way you will receive a very special Reading that is like no other:

  • spiritual gifts analysis as seen in your birth chart
  • look into past lives and their lessons
  • discovery of future potential
  • practical advice on how to enhance your spiritual practice
  • analysis of your karmic axis of the South and North Node it’s meaning and expression
  • psychic insights into your spiritual path and how you can use those gifts

Each Reading is around 60min. long and will be sent to you via email.

This way you have the opportunity to listen to your Reading several times and won’t miss a thing.

1 review for Spiritual Gifts Reading

  1. Bethany (verified owner)

    My Spiritual Gifts Reading with Mehal Mahipal was deeply supportive and insightful. Much of the information resinated with me in ways that allowed both affirmations and guidance moving forward. The recording is something I will come back to again and again for reflection and direction. I’m extremely grateful for her connection to spirit and ability to share in such a clear and effective way. I already booked the Spiritual Healing session and immediately felt a shift! Thank you for sharing you gifts Mehal Mahipal!

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