Lunar Solar Eclipse Reading


Receive astrological guidance and important insights about the impact of this Lunar – Solar Eclipse cycle. Explore opportunities and find out which areas of your life will be affected. Getting inspired by these new energies, allocating opportunities, and accessing this energy portal opening help you to align your life to the cosmic order.

Your Reading is based on your birth chart – 60 minutes of audio recording –  sent to you via email. Allowing you to benefit from those insights anytime you wish.


In astrology, lunar eclipses are considered significant celestial events with symbolic meanings and effects on individuals and collective consciousness. Depending on where in your chart the Lunar Eclipse takes place it will affect a different area of your life, often with life-changing impacts.

The Lunar Solar Eclipse Reading will show you:

  • understand the lunar and solar aspects based on your birth chart
  • lunar and solar expression unique to you
  • how you can activate this energy portal in your chart
  • ways to explore karmic ties and connections
  • experience the symbol of illumination
  • how to use this time for profound transformation
  • receive an individual shamanic ritual suggestion
  • harness power of the inner world
  • prepare for an energy shift
  • dive deeper into the wisdom of the cosmos
  • plan the next 3 months of this energy cycle
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