Lunar Eclipse Astrology

In astrology, lunar eclipses are considered significant celestial events with symbolic meanings and effects on individuals and collective consciousness. Depending on where in your chart the Lunar Eclipse takes place it will affect a different area of your life, often with life-changing impacts.

Here are some aspects of the importance of lunar eclipses in astrology:

In astrology, the Moon represents emotions, intuition, and the subconscious mind. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, casting its shadow on the Moon, symbolizing a moment of illumination or revelation. This event is often seen as a powerful symbol of change, transformation, and culmination which arises from the inner world. The inner world in astroshamanic tradition marks our soul.

The driving force that sits within ourselves determines how we view, act, and react to situations. From here, we create our reality, and we manifest our wishes, dreams, and desires. It is also here, where we find our greatest enemies, such as fear, self-doubt, and insecurity.

This is the place that stores everything and hides it from our view. It is the invisible force, attracting people, and situations in our lives. Magnetic energy with immense power.

What the inner world wants you to know:

This can mean, that memories from the past rise to the surface or other emotional ties get activated. For some people this can create a lot of inner turmoil and the emotions fly high. While others who don’t have any aspects of the occurring Lunar Eclipse might not feel much of an impact.

My Lunar–Solar Eclipse Readings focus on your birth chart and reveal which area of your life will be activated. Furthermore, I will closely look at your karmic axis to see if past life connections might play an important role in this current Lunar – Solar Eclipse.

Lunar Solar Eclipse in Astrology

Preparing for Energy Shifts

Lunar eclipses bring about energetic shifts both on a personal and collective level. These shifts can manifest as changes in emotions, relationships, or circumstances in one’s life. Lunar eclipses are often associated with letting go of the past, releasing old patterns, and embracing new beginnings. While this is a natural part of life, most of us struggle with the uncertainty and the lack of control over outer circumstances when a Lunar Eclipse occurs.

These moments can lead to profound experiences, some have the power to change your life.

As the Moon governs emotions and feelings, lunar eclipses can intensify emotional experiences. You may feel more sensitive, vulnerable, or introspective during this time. It’s common for unresolved emotions or issues to surface, prompting a deeper exploration of one’s inner landscape.

This means, taking time off, going for walks, meditating and anything that enhances the focus will be very rewarding.

Finding yourself in a yoga class, meditation retreat, or on a shamanic healing journey is something that allows your soul to find a new balance. Readjusting to this new path that lies ahead while you release those heavy feelings. Self-care is a priority during this time and acknowledging the time for some soul space.


Cycles & Patterns:

If you view Lunar eclipses within the broader context of celestial cycles and patterns it is a major event that affects some people more than others. To know and pinpoint which area of your life or which theme will be governing your life at this time, we need to analyze the eclipse’s position within the zodiac. Furthermore its aspects to other planets, and its connection to your birth chart.

By Booking a Lunar – Solar Eclipse Reading you will receive all the information that you need to identify and understand its impact on your life.

This personal Reading allows you also to become aware of the energetic powers that are available to you at this moment in time to work with. In my Lunar–Solar Eclipse Reading you will receive instructions on how to actively work with the upcoming Eclipse Season more practically.

The best way how to create a ritual, that is based on your personal birth chart and its aspects. This can enhance the Eclipse Energy in your personal life path. There is no better way to draw energy into your life that otherwise would not be accessible to you.

Lunar Eclipse Astrology

The Power of Karmic Themes:

Lunar eclipses are opportunities for karmic reckoning or spiritual growth, especially if the Eclipse affects your Lunar Nodes. Events or encounters during these periods can have a deeper significance or purpose, inviting you to confront unresolved karma or fulfill soul contracts.

This is an energy portal opening during this time that allows you to experience the impact of past lives and karmic connections. An opportunity to draw to you the support, help, and guidance that you need. Or to release yourself out of old dependencies and unhealthy patterns.

Collective Consciousness

Lunar eclipses are thought to have a ripple effect on collective consciousness, influencing societal dynamics, cultural trends, and global events. Astrologers often observe how these celestial events coincide with significant shifts or developments on a larger scale. Watch around, do you see something bigger emerging?

Seeking Integration and Balance

Lunar eclipses are seen as balancing forces that encourage integration between the conscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche. They invite you to acknowledge and integrate both light and shadow aspects of the self, fostering a sense of wholeness and self-awareness.

Lunar eclipses serve as potent times for manifestation and ritual work. They suggest harnessing the eclipse energy to set intentions, release what no longer serves, and align with one’s highest purpose. Furthermore, you now can activate the potential and circumstances most helpful to you.

My Lunar-Solar Eclipse Reading will give you all the information that you need to attract and manifest over the next few months. Allowing you to rise to the next level of understanding of those powerful energies emerging in your life.

You can book your personal Lunar-Solar Eclipse Reading based on your birth chart now. This Reading will entail all the information that you need to know about the upcoming eclipse season.

(Readings are available in English or German)
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