Mercury in Astrology

Mercury in Astrology is one of the inner planets or personal planet and holds significant influence over various aspects of a person’s life. It is the planet closest to the Sun in our solar system and governs communication, intelligence, reasoning, learning, perception, and how a person processes of information.

Mercury also represents our inner dialogue and how we perceive information from the outside world. Our mindset determines who we see the world around us and it can be shaped, influenced and changed, especially when it comes to old belief systems that longer serve us.

Mercury rules the 3rd and the 6th house and is associated with the signs of Gemini and Virgo.

Here are some key points about Mercury in astrology:

How you communicate and express yourself verbally:

Mercury in Astrology rules over all forms of communication, including speaking, writing, and listening. It influences how you express yourself, articulate your thoughts and ideas, and interact with others. It also governs language skills, wit, and humor. Depending which star sign you have in your personal chart with this planet it says a lot about you and your style of communication. Water signs are more intuitive and creative in their verbal expression while earth signs appear more structured or organised and not change their mind that often.

Your Mental Abilities and Intellect:

Mercury represents intelligence, analytical thinking, problem-solving, and learning capacity. It influences your ability to grasp information, adapt to new situations, and make decisions. It also affects memory, logical reasoning, and mental agility. 

How you process information:

To understand how you process information will allow you to embrace who you are on a deeper level. It will help you to explore your learning style. Some people learn by listening, other people by writing and then others enjoy learning through visuals. Mercury governs the processing of information, both on a conscious and subconscious level.

Perception and Observation:

Mercury influences your perceptual abilities, how you observe and interpret the world around you. It affects your curiosity, adaptability, and open-mindedness. Depending on which planets or signs are present in the third house this will show you how you operate on this level. There are star signs which are good observers, while others might lack attention span or attention to detail. Overthinking, or obsessive behaviour can be recognised and understood better through those placements. Mercury’s influence can also make you inclined towards intellectual pursuits and the acquisition of knowledge.

Social Interaction:

As the planet of communication, Mercury also influences your social skills, networking abilities, and how you connect with others. It affects your style of conversation, negotiation skills, and your capacity to establish rapport and build relationships. To understand your mercury sign allows you to stop comparing yourself with others, but focus on your own abilities as well as to improve those areas in your life that you feel are lacking.

Short-Distance Travel and Movement:

Mercury rules over short-distance travel, transportation, and movement. It governs your approach to travel, your adaptability to new environments, and the way you experience and learn from different cultures. While Jupiter or the 9th House (Sagittarius) has to do with foreign countries that are further away, Mercury reflects your neighbourhood but also travel that is inland. Not everyone is a keen traveler and some people even prefer spiritual travel or meditation to accomplish their desire for new interesting experiences.

Psychic Potential

If you which planets are in your third house (the house ruled by Mercury) you can see indications about what type of mental stimulation you need. In addition to that here we can see if and what kind of Psychic Abilities someone might have. This does not necessarily mean the person is aware of this ability nor the quality or standard of those ability, but rather a potential.

Mercury also rules the sign of Virgo and the 6th House which shows more effects around work and how we earn money. A not so beneficial aspect Mercury in the 3rd House can also indicate signs of ADHD, speech impairments, mental illness as well as highlight tendencies for overstimulation or anxiety. A good aspect Mercury in the 3rd house can give indication about the ability to be a write, public speaker, travel guide, blogger, podcaster, event manager, as well as a quick learner or creative thinker.

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