How to work with the moon calendar

In astrology, the Moon represents the emotional, instinctual, and subconscious aspects of our being. It symbolizes our deepest needs, habits, and feelings, as well as our intuitive nature and how we nurture ourselves and others.

The Moon’s position in the natal chart reflects our emotional responses to the world, our innermost desires, and how we seek comfort and security. 

The Moon’s phases and transits can also influence our moods, energy levels, and emotional experiences throughout life. Overall, the Moon in astrology is a significant symbol of our inner world and emotional landscape.

Using a moon calendar involves understanding the phases of the moon and how they relate to the calendar.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use one:

Get a Moon Calendar:

You can find moon calendars in various formats, such as printed posters, online websites, or mobile apps. Choose one that suits your preference and needs. Why not use two moon calendars? One you can use like a dairy while the other one serves as a yearly overview.

Understand Moon Phases:

A lunar cycle is 29 days 12 hours long and traditionally divided into 8 phases. The female menstrual and fertility cycle is connected to the lunar cycle. Familiarize yourself with the different phases of the moon.

Maybe it is best to start with the four main phases which are:

1. New Moon

2. Waxing Phase

3. Full Moon

4. Waning Phase

To gain a more in depth understanding of the Moon phases you can read my blog post here or get your “How to work with the Moon Guide” E-book.

Determine Moon Phase Dates:

Look at the moon calendar to identify the dates of each moon phase for the specific month or time period you’re interested in.

1. Mark the two phases of the moon in your calendar

2. Green for the waxing phase (New Moon – Full Moon) about growing, nourishing, and building and expanding

3. Yellow for the waning phase (Full Moon – New Moon) about releasing, removing, letting go, and getting rid off

4. Mark the Full and New Moon as well as each day before and after as these are important to be aware of as the energies will be heightened.

Moon calendar example

Plan Activities:

You can plan different activities around specific moon phases based on traditional beliefs and energetic qualities. By marking those phases it will help you to gain a better understanding of your physical energy and the activities you can plan around them.

For example:

New Moon:

This occurs when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, so the side of the Moon facing the Earth is not illuminated.

It’s a time for new beginnings, setting intentions, and starting projects. Start important projects around a new moon. on where this cycle will take us. Once the New Moon has passed you can get started ( 1 – 2 days after New Moon)

Full Moon:

The Moon is now positioned opposite the Sun, with its fully illuminated side facing the Earth. It appears as a complete circle.

It’s associated with culmination, completion, and heightened energy. It’s ideal for rituals, meditation, or energy work. We also consider the Full Moon as Climax of energy of the whole moon cycle. Here we can find important revelations, turning of events or change in direction. The day before and after the Full Moon can still intensify emotions and reactions, it is important to me mindful of that. Depending in which sign the Full Moon appears it holds important qualities that we now can access.

Waxing Phases (Crescent to Full):

After the New Moon, a small sliver of the Moon becomes visible, illuminated by sunlight.

These are considered good times for growth, expansion, and attracting things into your life. Which means that we can be more focused on what we want to achieve and put our energy outwards.

Waning Phases (Full to New):

After the Full Moon, the illuminated portion of the Moon begins to decrease. The Moon still appears mostly full but is gradually becoming less so.

These are seen as ideal for releasing, letting go, and removing obstacles from your life. It is time to ask the universe now for support and trust in the process. Our work has been done, now we are asked to surrender and allow the rest to unfold without us pushing things or trying to force them.

Use for Gardening and Farming:

Originally the Moon Calendar was created to help ancient cultures understand about the moon phases for planting and harvesting. Those people found out that there were different times in which seeds would sprout quicker or vegetables and plants grow stronger if sown at the right time. Over the centuries and with more and more observations, people also realized that the moon holds powerful energies that influence our metabolism, fertility as well as our moods.

Incorporate Lunar Cycles into Daily Life: 

You can also use the moon calendar to track your moods, energy levels, or menstrual cycles. Some people believe that lunar cycles influence human behavior and emotions. For this reason, it will be important to familiarize yourself with all of the 12 zodiac signs, as each of them holds very specific energetic qualities.

Implement Spiritual or Cultural Practices: 

Many cultures and spiritual traditions have specific rituals or practices associated with the moon. Using a moon calendar can help you align with these traditions if you choose to do so. I have created an “Astrology Tools” E-book for each of the Zodiac Signs, which can help you to learn activate, and invite specific zodiac energies. Furthermore, those E-books will show you exactly what kind of minerals, plants, and objects you can use in your moon rituals.

More information about this subject can be found here…

Use the Moon Calendar for Healing:

It’s a well-kept secret that the moon cycles can be used to enhance healing and helping to treat illnesses and diseases. One of the major points here is that there should be no surgeries during or close to a full moon or new moon.

More detailed information about the best time to heal certain ailments depending on the lunar phases and the zodiac signs will follow shortly and will be available on my website.

Use the Moon Calendar for adjusting your diet:

Are you aware of the moon’s influence on your metabolism? More and more people start to realize that there is truth to this. One important aspect to know is, that we more easily put weight on during the waxing moon phase, while the waning moon phase can support weight loss.

Additionally, I am working on an E-book that will include all the most important information on how you can upgrade your diet following the moon cycles. Moreover, I will also include the best supplements for you to take on certain days to boost your immune system and achieve maximum absorption for your body. This knowledge will be super helpful for those people who are serious about making changes to their approach to food and well-being.

Do what feels right for you:

Ultimately, how you use a moon calendar is up to you. Whether you follow traditional beliefs, use them for practical planning, or simply enjoy tracking the moon’s phases, personalize your approach to suit your interests and goals.

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