Accelerate your Psychic Development with these 3 Steps

My name is Mehal Mahipal, and I’m a leading expert in psychic development and intuitive studies. I am also the author of two books, “Unlocking Psychic Potential” and “Tracing the last steps – a new approach to Psychic Detective work.”

I was born with second sight, which allows me to become aware of a person’s past, the present, and the future.

When I was 11 years old, I had a precognition dream that led me to travel worldwide to find out about its meaning.

At the age of 26, I finally found what I was looking for and started seriously training and developing my gifts at the College for Psychic Studies in England.

I studied, learned, researched, worked, trained, and developed my potential for over a decade. Furthermore, I started teaching my students, and over the years, I have taught hundreds in psychic development online and in person. Today, I offer my knowledge to students worldwide via my Signature Programme, “The ultimate Energy Master Programme.”

My whole life has been an exceptional journey and taken me worldwide to study with some of the best teachers in spirituality. After all, I always remained true to myself and created my understanding of psychic development and energy mastery.

1. Silence

Yes, that’s right. Silence is the crucial ingredient for any spiritual growth. When developing your psychic abilities, you will see the more time you spend in silence; the quicker your psychic potential will gain new heights.

This is a well-known method taught for centuries to willing spiritual seekers and those looking to bring forward their inborn gifts.

Different forms of silence serve various means. They are crucially important and will help you well on your spiritual journey.

Silence without distractions

This silence practice includes taking a day or a few days without any distractions at hand. No TV or mobile phone, some people even avoid reading or writing. An excellent example of taking this to the next level would be a Vipassana Meditation Retreat, which runs for ten days. In those retreats, people were even prevented from speaking to each other. You could make a Mini Retreat at your home and see how comfortable you are without using your phone or TV for a few days. Once you feel comfortable doing that, you could try the next step.

You are left with nothing but to focus on yourself and detox from the constant distractions.

Total Silence

This is a standard method in Psychic Development and is specifically helpful for those wanting to train their clairaudience. We recommend you use ear plugs and an eye mask to get the best results. This way, you won’t see or hear anything going on outside. Practice daily for 10 – 15 minutes; you can extend the exercise by adding more minutes to your practice.

World-renowned medium Gordon Higginson used this method daily, and his clairaudience was outstanding, as many people who have seen him working can confirm.

Silence for mindful listening

Spend a few hours in nature and listen carefully to the sounds around you. Consciously tune in to one of the nature sounds and allow it to touch you deep within. See how your attention and awareness sharpen over time.

Meditation on the Beach

2. Meditation.

I’m sure you heard all of that before, and it’s true. Meditation is the key to developing psychic abilities, and you won’t go anywhere if you don’t implement this vital tool.

Especially for mental mediumship and any psychic work, we need to be able to sit still and focus. This way, you will be able to raise your consciousness to the next level.

Of course, meditation is not always easy, and it will work better on some days than others, but without it, you won’t go anywhere far.

The ability to train yourself to switch on your psychic powers comes from being able to control your mind. However, it’s not just a random meditation that will help you reach new states of awareness. But a meditation that allows you to let go, relax and focus on getting new states of consciousness.

I will show you the exact method to do that in my “Ultimate Master Programme.”

The heightened awareness, peace, and tranquillity will allow you to live alive on a different frequency. You will become aware and experience things you had no access to before. Furthermore, this will enable you to tune into another form of consciousness that allows you to connect with spirit guides and beings from higher planes.

Only this way, you will also learn to hold your spiritual power and be able to use it whenever you want or need to.

Spirit signs

3. Paying attention and Practice Mindfulness 

Yes, psychic development is about learning to pay more attention and be more aware.

This allows you to develop a heightened sense of awareness and receive information usually unavailable to you.

Learning to pay attention can have different forms, such.

Pay more attention to your body and observe how the energy changes when you enter or spend time in different places.

Furthermore, being more aware when you spend time with other people will allow you over time to distinguish between their energy and yours, which will help you massively. It will not only change but transform your life.

How often do we take on other people’s energy and mistake it for our own?

When training in psychic development, we want to become aware of others people’s energies and realize when their energies affect our being. You don’t want to work with the psychic stream and feel drained or exhausted continuously. This is why you need to learn how to deal with energy and use it in the best way possible.

Start looking for signs and synchronicity around you. 

This is a big one and can be fun too. Have a playful approach and don’t take it too seriously but serious enough to see the signs when they occur. This will help you in building trust in the spirit world and allow them to become part of your life.

Especially when you’re in the process of wanting to manifest things, or you have been asking spirit to tell you what to do. Always use your intuition when you come across a sign and see if it resonates with you.

Signs around you are plenty, and often the spirit world wants to connect with us, but many of us are too busy to acknowledge their signs.

So why not put your intention or request for a sign of spirit out there and see what it has to offer to you?

You might see specific numbers out there or overhear a conversation with significant clues or meaning? Paying more attention to natural signs where the energies are naturally higher frequencies can be fascinating. Maybe you find a feather, a particular leaf, or see a specific bird that catches your attention.

Playing around with this idea makes space for connection with the spirit world and allows you to receive them naturally.

Once you start practicing these three methods, you will suddenly realize how your psychic abilities naturally enhance and improve in no time.

To truly accelerate your spiritual growth and learn the real secrets about energy and how to work with it. Sign up for my “Ultimate Energy Programme,” which will teach you in only 90-days to become a master of true energy.


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