The Planets and the Zodiac

A planet rules at least one sign of the Zodiac. The planets tie to aspects of our personalities and lives. In this article, we want to uncover the planet’s rulership and meaning. In ancient times, humanity looked up to the stars and noticed that there were patterns that repeated themselves. They studied them and realized that specific movements of the planets created effects on Earth. Yet they also realized that these different planets and luminaries were connected to aspects of one’s personality. Astrology studies those movements and their impact on our personal lives. Over centuries this ancient knowledge has been fine-tuned, and new observations have been made.

Aspects in astrology

-When casting an astrological chart, we assume the earth as the center and the other planets moving around it. The chart contains a circle and represents 360 degrees. It is then divided into 12 parts, and each of those parts represents an area of your life, as it is shown in the housing system. There are 12 Zodiac signs which are divided into 30-degree segments. Each piece also has an original zodiac sign, which is ruled by one of the nine planets.

When casting a birth chart, each of the nine planets can be located in any of the 12 segments and make its presence felt. Some locations are better and strengthening, while others could be disruptive or challenging. To understand your personality and path in life, we should first look at each planet and its astrological meaning.

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Here are the Planets:


The Sun is associated with a sense of power. The house that the Sun occupies will be strongly emphasized. The activities of that house will be of great importance to the subject throughout her life. The characteristics of the sign associated with the Sun are usually intensified. The positive aspect of the Sun is creativity, affection, and generosity. The negative trait of the Sun is arrogance and pride.

Zodiac Sign ruled by the Sun is Leo.


The Moon conveys the sense of instinct and cyclic changes. The Moon is the second most crucial planet aside from the Sun. The characteristics of the Moon sign usually reflect the personality of the subject. Habits, emotions, motherhood, family, and social response are the associations of the Moon. The positiveness of the Moon is imaginativeness, business shrewdness, maternal instinct, and patience. Negative traits include stubbornness, unreliability, and irrational behavior.

The Zodiac sign ruled by the Moon is Cancer.


Mercury is communication. Mercury is associated with computers, intellect, science, and mental perception. The positive characteristics of Mercury are good memory, logic, communication, and cleverness. The negative traits are mental constipation, argumentative, nervousness, and sarcasm as well as the tendency for anxiety and overthinking.

The zodiac signs ruled by Mercury are Gemini and Virgo.

Venus: The keywords of Venus are love and harmony. Venus is associated with feelings, love, beauty, arts, and fashion. It also has to do with our ability to love and be loved. Furthermore, it is also connected to our values. Venus’s positiveness is friendly, well-mannered, artistic, and lovable. The negative traits are selfishness and unrealistic romanticism.

The Zodiac sign ruled by Venus is Taurus and Libra.

planets in astrology


Fire and energy come to mind with Mars. In ancient times, Mars was regarded as the bringer of wars, and its powerful energy has not changed since then. Mars has been perceived as the most powerful planet. It still has a lot of power to be unleashed, which is why it’s so important to be able to direct this energy. This planet has always been associated with aggression, quickness in action, war and weapons, and masculinity. The negative traits are boisterous, war-like, quarrelsome, short temper, impulsiveness, and violence.

Mars rules Aries. Mars is also Scorpio’s Co-rule and was the central ruler before Pluto was founded.


The keyword of Jupiter is expansion. Jupiter is sometimes known as a good planet. The House in which Jupiter is found is usually associated with favorable outcomes in that department of life. The expanding quality of the planet can also be associated with the physical size of Jupiter… the giant planet in the solar system. Positive traits compassion, optimism, sports enthusiast, and adventure. Negative traits are extravagance, irresponsibility, over-indulgence, over-optimistic, and carefree.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius

Jupiter in astrology


Limitation and hardship are the main attributes of Saturn. A subject always encounters limitations on the activities in life that are characteristics of the House where Saturn is. Saturn is always associated with slow movement, difficulty, and tension. Because Saturn is a planet that tests the success or tenacity of a subject’s action, Saturn is positively associated with perseverance and fortitude. As well, Saturn sometimes is related to ill health. The positive traits are trustworthiness, tenacity, and discipline. The negative characteristics are self-pity, depression, and difficulty.

Saturn rules our sense of time as well as karma. So what we put in, we will get out this is the energy Saturn provides.

The Zodiac sign ruled by Saturn is Capricorn.


Sudden changes best represent Uranus. Uranus is associated with modern science, medicine, sex, and telecommunication radio systems. The positive traits are inventive and original. The negative characteristics are sexually perverted, abnormal, and impulsive.

The Zodia sign that Uranus rules is Aquarius.


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The keyword of Neptune is unknown. Neptune may reflect the hidden potential capability of a person. The positive traits are subtle, artistic, and sensitive. The negative traits are indecisive, carelessness, and unworldly.

The Zodiac sign ruled by Neptune is Pisces.


Due to its recent discovery (1930), astrologers have not been sure of what Pluto is best to associate with a subject’s characteristics. The best thing to associate with Pluto is marking a new beginning (the end of a cycle) of a life event. Pluto is often symbolically associated with the hidden and unconscious power of business. The positive traits are financial astuteness able to start new in unfavorable circumstances. The negative traits are underworld association, seediness, death, and destruction. 

Zodiac Sign associated with Pluto is Scorpio.

Pisces in Astrology
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