Shamanic Healing a powerful tool to become whole again

Shamanism is thousands of years old and has been practiced all over the world. Over the years it has not lost its incredible power nor the fascination for its mystical and spiritual tradition. Today, thousands of people seeking alternative medicine and other healing modalities to help themselves with mental health and other physical health issues. 

It takes many years to learn Shamanic Healing and you will also need the right teacher who can initiate the craft of this healing module. I have trained for over 5 years in Astroshamanic Healing and combine my knowledge of Healing and Astrology to help clients from all over the world. 

Shamanism UK
In Astroshamanism we use the knowledge and power of cosmic forces presented in astrology to “practice” the right healing at the right time.

These are called sacred ceremonies or rituals. Such rituals have been conducted since the beginning of humankind and are still practiced today. There are specific astrological events that take place on specific days. These events often mark important changes in natural cycles. For example Equinoxes, Solstices, Moon phases, and other Conjunction and Squares of planets.

My deeper understanding of astrology allows me to use this knowledge even more specifically. This is how I am able to give even deeper healing because the cosmic forces support my healing work.

An Astroshamanic Healing Ritual helps to release and heal very deep-seated wounding. For instance trauma, shock, any type of abuse, unworthiness, loss of power, and other traumatic instances.

Crystal rituals
Healing Rituals are very powerful and have been conducted since humans realized the powerful connection between the heavens and the earth!

From the beginning of time, certain people from all over the world developed a secret communion with spirit. These people were often called shamans, healers, or medicine women/men. They created rituals and sacred ceremonies to acknowledge their connection with the world unseen. For those purposes, the shamans chose sacred tools and methods to invite beings from other dimensions to bring healing to those in need. This was possible because they knew that everything in this world has a soul. An emanated energy that was responsible for the connection with all that is.

What are Sacred Healing Tools and Medicines?

Sacred Healing Tools or Medicines are specially activated or charged objects that support the healing process. I will choose the healing tools that will be chosen dependent on the individual problem that you request the healing.

Based on my Astroshamanic work these sacred tools are connected with the astrological spirit helpers. These spirit helpers are supporting me actively during my healing work.

I carefully select my healing tools when I prepare for your ritual and before I open the sacred healing circle.

Moonphase Healing

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Shamanism is Soul Healing

In Shamanism we believe that everything and everyone possesses a soul. So if someone wanted to be healed it had to happen on the Soul level first otherwise the Healing would not be successful.

Disturbance of the life force

The shamanic healers know that this living energy could be disturbed, even lose part of its essence through tragic circumstances. If this happened to a person and it would not be brought back to the body, the person could seriously get ill. Out of this understanding of wholeness, the shamans developed a technique that allowed the soul parts to return. This is process is called Soul Retrieval and an important aspect of shamanic healing work. There are different forms and techniques that are taught today and it depends on which line of shamanism someone follows. Nevertheless, it is a powerful tool used by shamans, healers, and medicine men/women all over the world.

Ancestral pain travels through generations

A Shaman works with Helpers and Guides

Most shamans or shamanic practitioners closely work with spiritual allies and totem spirits. These people long established a link or relationship with a totem spirit that they have been working with for a while.

When the time is right the Shamanic Practitioner invites the spirit or Allie to assist in the process of healing. Furthermore, some practitioners work very closely with the movements of the heavens and earth to find the best time for healing.

Astroshamanic Healing

In my Shamanic Healing Sessions, I work very closely with astrological Totem Spirits. Those spirits and guides assist me on my shamanic journey to locate the problem of my client’s pain. They all have different purposes, energetic vibrations, and healing powers that can be rather helpful when I conduct a healing session.  

This is one reason why my Healing Sessions differ from other energetic healing methods and are so incredibly powerful.

spirit helpers
Healing Reaction

It can happen that you will have an energetic reaction after the healing. This is only a sign that the body, mind, and spirit are releasing old energy and need to find a new balance. Normally this kind of release will not take longer than 2 days.

Allow yourself to rest and take it easy. Drink plenty of water. It is very important during that time to be gentle and take good care of yourself.

You should consider an Astroshamanic Healing Ritual if you:

  • Find yourself unable to deal with the past
  • Suffered a loss in any form 
  • Are dealing with depressive moods
  • Struggle with addiction problems
  • Are dealing with psychic attacks
  • Suffer from low self-esteem or unworthiness
  • Experienced a shock or trauma
  • Dealing with chronic illness
  • Victim of abuse in any form

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