5G Protection with timeless design – The Light Cell

5G protection will become necessary and it can be done in a beautiful as well as powerful way.

The inventor at Sacred Engineering has taken on this challenge and created something unique. 

More and more people are becoming aware of the intrusive and harming radiation that many new technologies bring.

5G Technology

Especially the new 5G frequencies are a dangerous escalation of the normal cellular technology. Trials all over the world have shown that 5G radiation can have serious impacts on our health.

5G is poised to deliver speeds between 10 and 20Gbps. So instead of 30ms the network latency will drop to 1ms, this is a huge change on the actual frequency, bandwidth we are used to which is 4G with 10Mbps at its peak speed. Even people have raised concerns about cell and possible DNA damage to living organisms the roll out of 5G seems unstoppable. The long term consequences of this new technology have not far enough been tested and additionally the necessity of 5G is more for video online streaming and gaming, otherwise who really needs this kind of speedy internet?

Intuitive design paired with science

However, there have also been people and inventors who have raised concerned about this new technology and at the same time tried to find ways on how we can protect ourselves from its influence. One of them is Steven from Sacred Engineering who created the “THE LIGHT CELL”.

The light Cell

This pendant is designed to bring the body into a healing state, protect us from electromagnetic radiation and aid us in achieving our highest potential.

It does all this via our bio-field. For more detailed information on what the bio-field is, how the pendant interacts with it and the more in-depth workings of the pendant please click here….

Powerful simple design inspired by intuition and nature.


The Light Cell has completed its first testing phase with great results. The method used was Autonomic Response Testing (ART) with a person using a 5G mobile phone, click here to download the PDF providing information on ART and how the Light Cell performed.

“I have been wearing the pendant for a few weeks now and I felt immediately a change in my body and consciousness. First I felt that I could somehow breath better and secondly I also felt more relaxed and at ease. Its a beautiful designed little pendant and I can only recommend it to anyone who is looking for some protection from this 5G Radiation” – Julie

The light Cell by Sacred Engineering

Steven Carr, the creator of “The Light Cell” combined his engineering background with intuitive design and brought something truly unique into this world. The little pendant is 22.5mm in diameter and has a copper loop fixed for wearing. Easily adjustable and to wear with any clothes


Sacred Engineering stands for the merging of intuitive inventions by uncovering new fields of science and the consciousness about health, people, society and nature. Only if we start regenerative thinking we will discover new possibilities to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Steven Carr Family

Steven Carr lives with his family in the North-east of England.

Check out more of Stevens projects, ideas and designs here: https://sacredengineering.com

             You can order your personal “Light Cell” right now:

The Light Cell


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