Available in New York now – Unlocking Psychic Potential

A huge milestone has been achieved and we are happy and proud to say that “UNLOCKING PSYCHIC POTENTIAL” has been added to the library of the Foundation for Parapsychology.


Foundation for Parapsychology


“Established in 1951, the Parapsychology Foundation acts as a clearinghouse for information about parapsychology. Essentially an administrative organization, it maintains one of the largest libraries to do with parapsychology, the Eileen J Garret Library, as well as supporting various programmes that include the library, a grant and scholarship programme, a conference and lecture programme, and a speaker’s bureau and publishing programme.” 



To celebrate this amazing achievement we decided to focus and provide our Online Course “How to Unlock Psychic Potential” readily available to students in New York now. For all those students who want to explore their Psychic Potential.

You can easily start your Psychic Development journey right here – right now…just follow this link and find out more:


Online Psychic Development Course
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