Are all Spirits evil? A spiritual Interview (Part 2)

Are you scared of ghosts? What makes spirits evil? Those and other questions will be answered in the second part of our Spiritual interview with Psychic Medium/Spiritual Teacher Mehal Mahipal and Paranormal Investigator Ross Richards. If you have missed the first part you can find it here…

what happens when we die


6. Are all spirits evil?


Ross *laughs*: Short answer no, long answer, nope. Don’t believe everything you see on the T.V and in the movies. There isn’t a demon around every corner wanting to assault or possess you. You would be surprised how much time we spend on investigations with very little happening, but when it does it is a great experience. Not to say that there aren’t such entities existing. You need to be careful at all times for such negativity to come through.

Mehal: This is a very important question because I think that a lot of people believe this to actually be true. Especially after a regiment of thousands of years by the church and its abuse of power ( making people believe all sorts of things). Don’t get me wrong, the church also has done a lot of good things and I appreciate their charity work, their community, and their service. But if we look into religion we need clearly see that a lot of damage has been done by the imposing of a belief system. Just take a look at ancient cultures, we find nature spirits, fairies, and animal spirits. No one thought that all spirits are evil, furthermore, there was somehow a balance of the good and the bad. There were evil spirits and there were good spirits.

I believe that parts of our personality will stay with us for a while when we die. This includes our temperament or our belief system. While physical pain maybe eases with death I am not so sure about the mental or emotional pain. This can cause for sure distress to some people who have died, or people might be angry that they have been killed, murdered, or died too soon. This frustration can of course cause outbursts of anger and aggression.

In shamanic practice ( the way I was taught) we understand there are different worlds or dimensions, and some of them are darker than others. We need to be equipped with a certain understanding and knowledge to be able to deal with and face such darker places or entities. Just like with our own fears and terrors or traumas. Even then they serve a purpose in the bigger plan.

Sorry, I got a bit off-topic here…back to the question…are all spirits evil?…no I don’t think so.

Evil Spirit

7. What made you choose to become a psychic/paranormal investigator?

Ross: I’ve had experiences from a very young age that scared the life out of me and put me off anything paranormal(except the odd horror movie). I then went on a paranormal investigation with a local team to finally face my fears and it ignited something inside me to find out what actually happened to me as a child and through the years in my experiences. This made me want to seek out other spirits and question them and find out what keeps them here in an attempt to understand the spirits that have haunted me over time.

Mehal: I have not chosen it, it has chosen me I think. I had a dream when I was 11 years old and spend 15 years to find its answer. I traveled all over the world and stayed in temples, monasteries, on mountain tops, and met great spiritual teachers, monks, priests but no one could tell me about the meaning of my dream.

When I was 26 I found my way to Spiritualism and realized that the dream I had 15 years ago was a precognition dream and lead me to exactly where I was supposed to be. The full story can be found in my book Ebook image for shop“Unlocking Psychic Potential”. After this, I studied Spiritualism, Theosophy, Shamanism, and Occultism to learn more about these subjects. From there on I just knew that all I experienced made perfect sense.

On a more normal note, I was born like this and it gave me a lot of hard times for most of my life. I hated being the way I was because it made me feel so alone, misunderstood, and being an outsider. There were things that I was not able to do like other kids or teenagers. I had problems going on public transport because when I sat opposite a person I could see their whole life and thoughts. Later on, I was unable to go to parties or into nightclubs because I felt everything that other people were feeling and it was awful. My parents had problems understanding what I felt and lacked a bit of the nourishment that I would have needed at that time. Books where my best friends and I early started reading books that were totally out of my league but I somehow understood what they were saying. For a long time, I lost myself in substance abuse at least then I had a few people with who I was able to cope to hang out. I never really believed in mediums or psychics, maybe because of my cultural upbringing. However, I always felt a deep urge to explore spiritual matters and find out who I truly was. So I studied philosophy and psychology form an early age and when I was 26 I found my way to Spiritualism which had a profound impact on my life as I knew it.

8. Are you scared of ghosts?

Ross: No, thankfully I overcame my fear of spirit and the paranormal and now run my own team RbR Paranormal Investigations. I seek out new places to investigate privately and publicly and perform private property cleansing to remove any unwanted negative energies.

Mehal: No, I am not anymore. Actually, it is great to have another of these profound experiences to see one. It just helps to keep the mind open.


9. Can spirit be trapped between the worlds?

By worlds do you mean dimensions? Or the world between the physical and the non-physical? In the first instance with dimension, I don’t think so because we can only inhabit a dimension if we match the frequency. When it comes to the physical and non-physical world I guess it’s similar to the question we discussed why Spirits are attached to the earth. So the denial or non-acceptance of their death, sudden or unexpected death, unfinished business, or strong ties to the physical world might be an explanation.

Ross: Again many opinions on this, usually due to the many different religious beliefs across the world. The Catholics have purgatory and forms of limbo, a place where people wait for redemption for their sins. Muslims have a similar place named A’raf, and Hindus believe all living beings go to their deity of death, Yama’s abode where they are judged. Personally, I believe the life left can cause spirits to stay attached to this world, and in turn, trap them until they are ready to let go and move on to whatever awaits us all when our time comes.


10. Do you believe in attachments, if so how do you release them?

Ross: During my time investigating and looking into the world of the unknown I have seen, heard and felt things that cannot be explained by scientific reasoning. I have also had experiences with attachments which wasn’t the best of feelings, to say the least. After finishing a rather difficult cleansing I forgot to cleanse myself properly. I soon began to feel a little off, and over the next few days became angry over the slightest of things, and unexpectedly had short bouts of depression and anxiety. I went to see a shamanic practitioner who told me I had an attachment from a visit to a property I recently took and helped me to remove this and clear my energy field of all negativity. Before this, I had no experience of such things but it seemed to work, and am always open to trying new things. Always be careful when around such energies and always protect yourself, or see someone that may be able to help you. You can always try to help yourself with sage, incense, and room sprays. I personally use Mehal Mahipal Astroshamanic space clearing sprays which smell lovely and are very powerful due to the many precious ingredients they have.

Mehal: I know they exist for sure, I have first-hand experiences. They do come in different forms and expressions so it’s not just a spirit attaching itself to you. Some attachments are just made of energy, they are not a personality as such. Some we have created ourselves and others we can take on from other people. I think more people should be aware of energy attachment and learn how to deal with them.

The release depends on the nature of the attachment. Some of them we can easily remove with a Meditation like my Empathic Body Scan (download here for free) others need a third party to help you to release them and you won’t be able to do it just by yourself. I recommend to people to educate themselves better about energy and how energy works. I experience a lot of energy workers who lack the basic understanding of such things and suffer from mental, emotional, and physical problems because of such things. This was one of the reasons, I created “How to Unlock your Psychic Potential” an empowering Self Study course that will help you to become a master in developing your psychic abilities and understand how energy works. 


Mehal Mahipal ImageMehal Mahipal is an author, spiritual teacher, astroshamanic healer, and psychic medium. She has studied psychic development, spiritualism, theosophy, occultism, and Chinese metaphysics for many years. In her newest book “Unlocking Psychic Potential” she has written about the importance of discovering your own psychic powers and gives ideas and direction on how to use them. Additionally, she created a Self Study Course “How to Unlock your Psychic Potential” for all those who are serious about learning this craft.

Rbr Paranormal InvestigationsRoss Richards is a Paranormal Investigator at RbR Paranormal Investigations and has been exploring unexplainable happenings for many years. His down-to-earth approach is very welcomed in the paranormal field and his professional way of investigating paranormal activities has shed new light on the confusion of this area. Regularly he publishes new articles about the Paranormal on his Facebook page (RbR Paranormal Investigations). Ross also runs private and public Paranormal Investigations in the UK as well as holds workshops with people from overseas.


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