How to protect yourself from negative energy

Do you know how to protect yourself from negative energy? Are you aware of the energies around you? 

As human beings, we are somewhat sensitive to energies, seen and unseen. Negative energies mean low vibrational frequencies that can affect your well-being. Every human being emits energy like an electrical device in the form of thoughts and feelings. The stronger the thought or the feeling, the stronger the energy will be that is sent out. Other people can sense if we are angry or happy, they can feel if we are unwell or going through stuff. Often we don’t even need to verbalize what is going on. The more empathic a person is, the bigger the risk of quickly absorbing other people’s energy without a filter.

Absorbing energy

So we are not talking about spiritual energies or some form of negative attachments from out of this world. Furthermore, we are talking about energies from other people as well as the atmosphere of places and radiation of devices, mobile phones, TVs, etc. All of those things radiate energy on different frequencies.

Every living organism radiates energy

Every person can emit negative energy; we do it all the time when we are angry or frustrated. Also, fear, hopelessness, or depression can create a negative mindset and feelings and, therefore, a low frequency that we send out.

Places can also radiate low vibrational frequencies, especially areas that are not well looked after, chaotic, dirty, or places that produce toxic waste or material, such as dumpsters, chemical factories, atomic power plants, sewage buildings, etc.
We also find negative energy in places where something traumatic and terrible happened, such as war zones, battlefields, murder scenes, areas where massacres took place, or someone has been tortured. Have you ever been to such a place, like one of the KZ in Auschwitz or Dachau? What about an ancient battlefield or a crime scene?

Crime scene

If you are psychically open, you easily absorb the energy of other people and places

Many sensitive people who visit such places immediately feel the heaviness and experience sickness, fear, anxiety, or other uncomfortable feelings. This happens because we can easily absorb the energy of a place and therefore get in touch with those low vibrational frequencies. Those energetic impressions can affect your well-being unless you are grounded and protected. I have heard many stories of people who went out ghost hunting, for example, to some awful places. When they came back, they experienced many mental, physical, and emotional problems.

We all continuously exchange energies with our environment, consciously and unconsciously. While good points make us happy and empowered, low vibrational energy will make us feel down, disturbed, exhausted, and irritated. In the long term, if we are exposed to negative energy, we can experience sickness or illness at some point.

Have you ever spent time with someone and suddenly felt drained or exhausted? You might even feel a headache coming on or a flux of anxiety. This clearly shows that you have taken on low vibrational energies/frequencies.


There are different ways in which negative energy can be transmitted, such as thought forms of people, for example, when you walk down the road. You might feel slightly strange while you pass someone, but those feelings quickly pass once you are out of their energy field.

Empathy opens the door for energy transmission

Another compelling way how to take energy from others is by actively listening to what they have to say or empathizing with their situation. I am not saying you should not empathize with someone. However, I am making you aware that this way, you open an energetic autobahn that allows energy to flow from one person into your energy field. This means that once your friend stops complaining about a situation they struggle with – they will feel better – because you have taken on their negative energy. So what happens next is that you feel tired, drained, or exhausted, might even irritable or angry; it depends on your friend’s feelings.


You will need to learn to find a healthy and practical way to let go of those energetic offloads you have taken. This could be that you go for a walk, shower, or do a meditation which can bring some needed balance to your exhaustion.

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However, there will be energies that are not so easy to let go of. Those energies can stay with us for a while, and what started with just feeling a bit tired suddenly can turn into brain fog, problems getting out of bed, issues concentrating, or chronic fatigue syndrome.

In such cases, we need to locate the source of the problem (with the help of a shamanic practitioner) as something is attached to us and drains our energy. This can be the energy from an abuser who abused us, an ex-lover or partner, someone we have had emotional ties to in the past, but also something nonhuman. By nonhuman, I mean it could be the energy of another person’s trauma or trauma we experienced because we witnessed something traumatic, etc. There is also the possibility that we have gained an attachment through a generational trauma passed on to us, which is not necessarily ours but from our parents or grandparents.

war crime

A well-trained shamanic practitioner can locate the source of the trauma and remove it. If we don’t take action, we might get more severe health issues and be unable to move forward in our life or find joy.

Unfortunately, we still have insufficient scientific research on how energy affects the human body, mind, and soul.

At least there are studies on how radiation ( which is also a form of energetic frequency) from phones, TV, electrical devices but also WIFI, etc., can harm living organisms.

The same we experience with UV-Light or X-Rays and others.

Every living organism radiates and absorbs energy, and we have not looked enough in those areas yet to fully understand how it works. In his book “THE BODY ELECTRICS – Electromagnetism and the foundation of life,” – Robert O. Becker Gary Selden will take you on a journey to understand the human body and its ability to regenerate itself in a new way. Soon we will see that it is true – the theory that electricity is vital to life.

Body electrics

Thoughts, feelings, and desires are products of those electric currents that run and emanate from the body. Once we understand those simple principles and how we can actively protect ourselves from negative energy, our life will change.

An excellent tool can smudge your place and clean it of negative energies. Furthermore, you can also consider buying one of my Shamanic Space Clearing or Psychic Protection Sprays. Those sprays are potent and allow immediate protection and clearing of negative frequencies.

To add power to those sprays, you can try the following protect your energy field and shut down the magnetic circuit in your body. This way, no energy can enter, and you will also not radiate outside energy. The late Dion Fortune suggested it.

Her book “Psychic Self-Defense” shows us a powerful technique that offers immediate protection when other people surround you.

“When dealing with someone who saps your vitality, interlace your fingers, and lay your folded hands upon your solar plexus, keeping elbows pressed against your sides. Keep your feet touching each other. Thus, you contacted all your terminals and made your body a closed circuit. No magnetism will go out from you while you maintain this attitude. Your friend will probably complain of your lack of sympathy, however kindly you may speak.”

It would be best if you tried this out to feel its power and effectiveness.

Interlace hands
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