How to clear Karmic Relationships

Karmic Relationships are powerful encounters that serve one of three purposes: healing, remembering, or growth. Each karmic relationship will have its lessons to be learned and integrated before they can be released.

Those who know how to spot karmic connections  and work with them will speed up their spiritual journey. This way they can earn major benefits in comparison to those people unable to recognize karmic relationships.


Karmic Connections

Not all relationships are between two people only. Many karmic connections can be tied to a place too. Karmic relationships can also occure between a group of people, a country, a nation etc. Once you come in contact with a karmic connection you will experience a strong sensation in your body or your soul. Such an experience can be different for everyone and it will depend on the reason and quality of the connection. Some people said they felt a strong pull inside of their chest or their tummy and were unable to resist it. Others reported to have felt dizzy, confused, or even anxious. Other people experienced sheer panic or recalled traumatic memories again this will depend on the energetic reason for the connection.

Karmic Connections can change your life

We all have karmic contracts that can empower or hinder our spiritual growth progress. Once they get activated or triggered our life is about to change big time.  When those connections or contracts become active it can feel as if a higher power has taken over our lives. This is why a lot of people often associated karma with something negative or fearful as it can feel quite intense. Furthermore we often struggle to  comprehend the higher lessons of those karmic activations. Rather believing that your fate or destiny is working against you – you can work with those activations to enhance the positive in your life.

You can do this by consciously wanting to understand the karmic trigger. By digging deeper into why you are experiencing those happenings in your life a lot will come to light. The more we look at karma as something that we somehow have created we can also start to undo it if we don’t want it in our life. If we realize that karmic connections are powerful doorways to speed up our spiritual growth we embrace them as what they are.

Karmic Relationships

“The results and power of our creations.”

Karma follows the simple truth

The whole idea of karma and how it is created follows a very simple truth – you reap what you sow. This means if our actions and intentions are in alignment with the highest truth we will create abundance and prosperity for ourselves and others. While if we are untrue, cheat, lie, or are dishonest we will create more of its energy.

Which means whatever you do – you will get more of this in your life. Every moment we have the choice to make those decisions to come closer to this universal truth.

I see karmic connections as a powerful way to come closer to my purpose and follow my life’s mission. From a very early age, I already had visions about places that I had to visit and absorb important information and impulses for my spiritual growth. When I was 11 years old I had a powerful dream in which I was shown a place that I needed to find without even knowing where to start. I felt an intense pull in my chest and any attempt to silence it would cause immense physical and emotional pain.

This pull got stronger and stronger and affected my whole life – it took me 15 years and traveling all around the world with lots of karmic connections that finally allowed me to find the truth. I was determined to follow what I felt inside of me and discover its meaning.

Allowing this path I had no idea what would await me around the next corner as my psychic abilities opened up more and more. Suddenly unraveling a past life in England and the place I had to return to discover the truth about my dream. I always knew that I had lived before, and it was only the outside world that wanted to make me believe differently. Those people could not comprehend and I was forced to break contact with those who were not on the journey to discover the truth about our inheritance spiritual potential. I was ready to give up everything to discover what I felt inside of me.

Read more about my personal karmic journey in my book "UNLOCKING PSYCHIC POTENTIAL"

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Discover your karmic connections

Luckily, today I can offer my experience and knowledge in shamanic healing practice, past life exploration, and psychic development to anyone who seeks my help. This way other people don’t need to go through what I had to go through to reach this point. Furthermore, I learned amazing practices along my way that I now can offer to others and assist them in discovering their karmic connections and unleashing their spiritual potential. Today I can offer Shamanic Distant Healing Sessions to anyone ready to release their karmic connections and change their life around.

Get your Karmic Shamanic Healing Session

Release ties from the past and activate future potential

Shamanic Healing Mehal Mahipal

Where to find karmic contracts, connections, and relationships?

A lot of people ask me where they can find and activate their karmic connections. Moreover, people from all over the world seek my assistance to release those connections and relationships that longer serve them. Karmic Contracts can be between people, and places but also via contracts and allocated in different time and space continuum. This means some connections happen here on the material level and between places you can travel in person or people you can meet. Other connections are placed on other planes of existence and are only accessible via the help of a shamanic practitioner.

It takes many years of training and practice to able discover karmic connections and learn how to release and integrate them. I have studied for over 5 years shamanic healing to be able to offer my clients from all over the world what I do today.

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Karmic Contracts in this world

Look out for your body/soul reaction regarding certain people or places. How do they make you feel? A karmic contract activates a stronger energy vibration. Deepened on the quality of the contract this can feel like a pull or strong desire. The desire can be sexual, sensual, or from the lower ego mind.

Some lower karmic contracts are often expressed in toxic, abusive, and manipulative relationships. But also destructive and self-destructive tendencies will drain your energy.

Good karmic connections can challenge you outside of your comfort zone and feels more like a calling. You feel more courageous, and excited, and pull you forward. Not all of those contracts are equally strong but dependent on the contract it will bring positive changes to your life. New directions, living full potential, non-exhausting energy.

The price for a karmic connection

If you want it or not there will be always a price to pay for a karmic contract. In most cases, it means we need to give something up and sacrifice something of ourselves (time, money, attention, etc) to get what we are called to do. This exchange is for many people very scary as they don’t understand how karmic connections work. We always need to give, let go or release something so we can gain something in return. The offering to the energy connection can be in many ways and be things such as habits, belief systems, material things, relationships, or else. It will always depend on the karmic contract and what it is based on.

Most karmic contracts are based on a promise, vow, responsibility, or action we took in the past and now experience the consequences. This can be either good or bad. Karma is not necessarily negative but it life-changing and that can be in a good way.

Karmic Contracts

My psychic vision allows me to see what needs to be done

During my shamanic healing session, I receive clear insights about the nature of a karmic connection and what needs to be done to enhance or release it. This insight will be presented to you in writing after your Healing Session has been done. A service, not every Shamanic Healer will offer you but through my intensive training in Clairvoyance and Psychic Vision, I am able to see more than others do. This Service is unique to my Shamanic Healing Sessions and allows you to understand your karmic relationships with people or places even more.

Release Karmic Relationships and move forward

Activate your future potential and benefit from increase clarity and energy

Karmic Release
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