Qualities in Astrology

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are separated into three qualities which are Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Those qualities describe a characteristic of a zodiac sign. Each quality adds a bit of shade to an element or planet, making it more complex by nature. There are three different qualities that can be found more or less you less in your chart. Every chart will be different for every person. Some people might have more fixed signs and are more set in their ways than people with more mutable energy.

Studying the different combinations of planets, qualities, and polarities is essential for an astrologer. As this allows are more in-depth understanding of someone’s personality and how it is shown in their birth chart. In Shamanic Astrology, we tend to work more practically with astrology. This means that we have ways in which we can experience a direct connection with the energies in our charts. So, we are not only analyzing a birth chart but want to work with it in a very practical and tangible way. This allows us and our clients to experience their very own energetic makeup through astrology.

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The cardinal signs and their meaning

Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

The cardinal signs mark significant changes in season in our calendars. Aries marks the beginning of spring, Cancer the beginning of summer, Libra the beginning of autumn, and Capricorn stands for the start of winter. Therefore, people with their sun sign in a cardinal sign hold specific traits that others won’t show. Generally speaking, cardinal signs hold an enterprising and outgoing energy. Those signs need to take action and want to direct energy in a certain way. The more cardinal signs you have in your chart also will mark how strong-willed you appear to others and how likely you are willing to dominate them.

Each season lasts for three months before it changes sign. In shamanic astrology, the marking of the change of season is essential. It is honored by holding a ritual to attune ourselves, our bodies, minds, and spirit to the shift in the upcoming season. That is why many people have special events around the Solstices or Equinoxes. Essentially, it is the natural understanding of energy flow and how it transforms over the year.

When those signs appear, we feel a change in energy occurring. 


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The fixed signs and their meaning

In total, there are four fixed signs, each from one of the elemental groups. The areas where you have a fixed sign in your chart are where you are more than likely to find it challenging to change. The more fixed signs you have, the more resistant you will be. Fixed ideas or sets of rules can be an expression of these fixed signs. Your personal opinion matters more to you than the opinion of others. Many fixed signs prefer a solid lifestyle that is predictable and includes somewhat routine. If you have a mixture of cardinal and fixed signs in your chart, you might struggle with phases of an extraordinary outburst of energy and a need to take action and change your life. Suddenly, the other part of you, ruled by fixed signs, finds this rather irritating, and you might feel like holding yourself back in certain areas.

Fixed: Taurus (Earth), Leo ( Fire), Scorpio (Water), and Aquarius (Air).

You might experience a sense of stubbornness in certain areas, and you are happy to be more flexible in others. It all depends on which houses the signs occur.

Taurus: Fixed onto safety and security (money and possessions)

Leo: Fixed about his own importance or opinions.

Scorpio: Fixed for being in control.

Aquarius: Fixed ideas on how things should be.

In a Relationship, this can mean that if you have a fixed sign, for example, in your moon, but your partner possesses a mutable sign, more than likely, your relationship will be somewhat smoother because the mutable sign can adapt to the more fixed partner. While if you both had fixed signs in the same place, your opinions and values would clash, and it would be more challenging to understand each other’s viewpoint.

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Mutable Signs and their meaning

The mutable signs are those personality types that are more adaptable to change or unexpected situations. Those signs are not so fixed on their outlook on life or how things should be. This can irritate other people who are more set in their ways. At the same time, it can also mean that those signs like to change their mind, opinion, or feelings overnight.

Mutable: Gemini (Air), Virgo (Earth), Sagittarius (Fire), and Pisces (Water).

In shamanic astrology

It is different from classical western astrology, which is all about analyzing charts and telling people about their personality traits, etc. Shamanic astrology uses the personal chart as a map that shows us which areas we need to work on and which areas are blocked or loaded with negative energy. We aim to harmonize a chart and give people a direct experience through astrology by working closely with their birth chart in an efficient way.

We don’t see astrology only as something on paper; as an energetic imprint, we can tune in and change. The more awareness we have of our personal chart and our placements, the more we have the chance to work with those energies directly and experience their impact actively.

In Astroshamanism, the Zodiac Signs and the Planets are living entities we can cooperate and work with; furthermore, they are like teachers who allow us to better understand ourselves and our conditioning. If you would see your personal birth chart as a program downloaded into your energy field and out of this programming, you view the world in a specific way. You then grow up and experience certain events in your life, often triggered by certain transits that allow you to grow and widen your horizon.

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There are three fundamental stages that a person must work through if they want to release themselves from their conditioning. Each stage lasts at least one year, in which we actively discover and work on our energetic imprints and release potential. Each year will completely transform you and take you to the next level of awareness.


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