The Ultimate Guide – Astrology for Women

For centuries mystical women worked with Astrology and its powers well hidden from the eyes of those who can not see. Those women full of intuitive wisdom possessed healing abilities and were gifted with a sensitivity that allowed them to see life differently.

Rather than using astrology as an analytical tool for divination and forecasting alone, these wise women approached astrology in a much more holistic way. For those women, astrology was a tool they used to focus on healing and overall well-being, aligning their lives to the rhythms of the cosmos. This way astrology grew beyond its limitations of being a science only of the mind, but became a craft of the soul. Allowing those who practice it in the right way, access to hidden powers and energies that change the lives of everyone who comes in touch with them.

In my life work, I have made it my goal to pass on the wisdom of the Moon, the stars, the planets, and their influence on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Furthermore, I feel called to share this knowledge with as many women as possible so this way we will return what is ours and always has been. An inborn knowing – how to heal the self and live in harmony with the cosmos. By allowing nature and its forces to come into our lives and show themselves. 

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the many facets of intuitive astrology or Astrology for women as I like to call it, and the ways I have studied and used it in my daily work.

Astrology and Healing

My mother was a born healer, firstly she worked as a nurse in a hospital for children when she fell pregnant with me unexpectedly. Suddenly she felt called to explore other routes of her healing abilities. So she started to study plant medicine, homeopathy, reflexology, and others. When I was older she told me that, she felt my presence was the inspiration for her to look into more holistic healing modalities.

Till her death, my mum taught me the importance of herbal medicine, and its use, and showed me how the cosmos played an important role in recovering health. I admired her for her independence, her strength and it was her influence that led me to study Chinese and Western Astrology.

Both, my grandmother and my mother had their herbal gardens, and it was them who introduced me to the herbal gardens of Hildegard von Bingen. A famous German mystic and Prioress of the Benedictine also known as Saint Hildegard and the Sibyl of the Rhine. She was an active writer, mystic, visionary, and medical writer who worked during the High Middle Ages.

Astrology and Herbalism

Hildegard was an expert in natural truths as well as celestial secrets. She lived around the twelve century when women could hardly read or write. Hildegard’s philosophy promoted the concept of oneness with nature and her teachings included Moon astrology of conception. She also used her knowledge of astrology and herbalism to heal hundreds of people. Her understanding was a holistic approach to healing which included the inner and outer world. Implementing natural rhythms and their influence on our being was one of her secrets.

1. Shadow work

For all those who are interested in using astrology for their healing and want to dig deep into the subconscious mind, shadow work can be a great tool. We refer to shadow work as a part of working with traits and characteristics that we don’t feel so confident about. Furthermore, once those parts get triggered, we feel rather embarrassed and hurt. In our society, we tend to suppress anything too uncomfortable or challenging. This way we miss out on accessing our true powers. The more we acknowledge who we are, we can master ourselves and direct our will and energy.

Black Moon Lilith & Saturn – Astrological Shadow Work

Shadowwork can be super powerful and help you to uncover your authentic self. All that lies beneath the negative feelings, trauma, and insecurities. In Astrology, we access the shadow through the placement of the Black moon Lilith, as well as the area where Saturn and Pluto are located in your Birth chart. In Astroshamanism shadow work is associated with the underworld, the darkness, the unknown. It represents power, secrets, and all that is hidden, and unborn, but also destruction and decay as well as transformation and truth.

To work with those energies is incredibly powerful, however, it is best to receive guidance from a mentor by your side. Who can support you while you activate and move through those energies? Otherwise, these energies can blow you away. It is important to be able to navigate through the challenging aspects and negative energies to be transformed and wanting to do this without support can be rather challenging.

If you want me to support you working on your Shadow how it is presented in your birth chart. Please contact me for further information.

Healing Rituals

Ritual Healing is as old as mankind. It has existed for thousands of years in spiritual and religious practices. In our modern world, we have nearly forgotten about the positive impact Healing Rituals can have. We are too busy living our modern way of life, slowly losing focus on what is important. My Astroshamanic Healing Rituals can help you to return to the center of your innermost self. Focusing on balancing your energies and restoring a feeling of well-being.

Each Healing Ritual consists of an intention (motivation/reason) as well as includes different materials, ceremonies, tools, and timings depending on the culture.

In my shamanic healing rituals, I combine my knowledge with astrology to conduct your healing for you at the right time. This will depend on the problem for which you seek the healing as well as important astrological timings happening at this time around. Allowing to enhance the power of the Healing Ritual and do it in alignment with the cosmic cycles.

Healing with Astrology

2. Nurturing Astrology – Working with the Moon

There are ways in which we can use astrology daily to help ourselves live a better life. Today we see more and more women working closely with the moon and its cycles to empower, heal, and nurture themselves. A clear sign that this holistic approach of connecting with the cosmos is a human desire to experience oneself as a part of all things. Moreover, it creates a strong sense of well-being and harmony as we are very closely affected by the ever-changing cycles of the seasons and the moon.

Did you know that the first-ever astrological calendar was based on the moon movement? In India and China, the moon calendar still forms the base of their astrological systems. There are 13 moons each year, but most astrological systems follow the 12-month sun calendar.

Moon Phases

There are eight basic moon phases which are:

The New Moon.

  • The Waxing Crescent Moon.

  • The First Quarter Moon.

  • The Waxing Gibbous Moon.

  • The Full Moon.

  • The Waning Gibbous Moon.

  • The Third Quarter Moon.

  • The Waning Crescent Moon.

Most people work with the four main phases which are powerful enough to provide insights into daily energy levels and moods. Those four phases start with the New Moon, the Waxing Moon, the Full Moon, and finally the Waning Moon. These energies shape our lives here on Earth, not only does the moon’s energy move the tides but also affects our emotional and mental energies. Knowing about those phases more in detail will allow you to access information for daily tasks and life planning.

How the moon can help you heal

Moon Meals – The Astro Diet

The moon not only influences our emotions and moods but also our growth, fertility, and metabolism.

Did you know that if you eat a piece of cake during the waxing phase of the moon you are more likely to put weight on it? However, if you eat the same piece of cake any time after the full moon its effects will be much less?

This has something to do with the waxing phase of the moon when our bodies tend to hold on to nutrition as a form of energy resource. You can also observe this phenomenon in nature when everyone seems to be more energetic and outgoing during the waxing phase of the moon. We experience more strength and determination to achieve something.

This phase is often referred to as the rebuilding phase. In ancient moon calendars, this is a great time to stimulate leaf growth. It is recommended to plant leafy crops, annual flowers, and all the above-ground vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, cabbage, and kale between the new moon and the first quarter.

The weeks after the Full moon our body starts to release easier that is why detox and lymphatic drainage are so powerful and more beneficial at those times.

Other phases of the moon have different opportunities and meanings, allowing a holistic way of life and nutrition.

Banana pancakes - Healing foods

Zodiac Signs and Moon Phases

Another layer that can be added to this moon phase understanding is the zodiac signs, which the moon moves through on her journey of 28.5 days. Each zodiac sign has its qualities and that will determine the best time for our body to digest or absorb certain nutrients better than on other days. Have you ever felt that certain foods taste better than on other days? Or that you are craving a certain nutrition on specific days? Soon you will discover the connection between the moon and your body.

A good example is my lactose intolerance and struggle with this. However, since I work so closely with the moon calendar, I realized that I don’t have the same issues when the moon moves through an air sign. On those days our body can digest milk and fat better than on other days.

This knowledge will change how you eat, what you eat, and when to eat it to get the greatest benefits. A revolutionary approach to health & well-being through diet and nutrition.

Interested to learn more, soon I will have my signature program coming out, teaching you all that you need to know to upgrade your diet in alignment with the cosmic cycles. You can register your interest here…

astro diet

Moon Moods & Self-care

Women are naturally more sensitive than men, which doesn’t mean that men aren’t sensitive. It simply means that women are more aware of their feelings. Our hormones play a big role in how our mood changes but also the weather and other outer circumstances can play a big role. The moon is well known for its connection affecting our moods and emotions. We can see this clearly on a Full Moon or during the dark phase of the moon. Furthermore, the influence of the moon also affects our physical body in a way that we have not paid enough attention to yet. Depending on which zodiac sign the move moves through it will affect different areas or parts of our body. Making them more sensitive but also highlighting great opportunities to give those parts extra care. For example, I only go to my hairdresser when the moon is in Leo or Virgo, the perfect time to get your hair done. I do my skin cleansing routine when the moon is in Capricorn and allow my rest days to be a moon in Taurus. This way I align my self-care days with the moon phases to get the best out of it.

You can start working with the moon calendar and mark days that are good for certain self-care routines.

self love

3. Empowerment

Most people understand Astrology as a science of the mind or a belief system rather than what it is. It is a tool that can be used in many different forms and has been used for thousands of years by alchemists, magicians, sorcerers, witches, medicine women and men as well as shamans.

Those women and men knew how to access the power of astrology on a very energetic level and how to use the powers of the planets.

Drawing energy from planets

The ability to actively engage in the process of drawing energy from the universe, the planets, stars, and galaxies is nothing new. However, in our Western world, this has not gained so much attention as many of us have lost our connection to the natural world.

For someone to be able to invoke the energy of a planet this person has go through to a series of attunements and training in which she will be taught how to do this. Failing to do so can lead to chaos, destruction, and energetic overwhelm and the person might not be able to handle the energy of the planets at all.

Experimental Astrology, especially Astroshamanism founded by Franco Santoro has created a system that is accessible to anyone. I have trained with Franco for over 5 years and I am here to share with others what I have learned.

Wisdom of Seasonal changes and cosmic cycles

Since the old days, Astrology has been used for magic and alchemical processes. Wise men and women used the knowledge of astrology to enhance their energies and empower themselves to live a life in harmony with nature.

In intuitive astrology, the wisdom of the seasons, their expression, meanings, and energies play a crucial part. To understand, follow, and later be able to predict or harmonize certain energies is an incredible skill everyone can learn. The secrets of how the energies transform in this world and the next match the ideas above and below.

So to understand the seasonal changes and the cosmic cycles can be an incredible benefit for your personal life and the lives of others.

The greatest power is in knowing thyself.

In astrology, we understand the birth chart of a person as a snapshot of their energetic makeup that when they were born. In a personal birth chart, we can find hints from past lives, the inspiration of this lifetime, weaknesses and strengths someone carries, their belief systems, karmic connections as well as aspirations, and future potential. Learning how to read and work with your horoscope will be one of the most amazing things you have ever done. Furthermore, it will allow you to see yourself and understand yourself in the greater scheme of things.

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