Let’s talk about Money and Astrology

Combining Money and Astrology can unlock hidden potential that you didn’t even know existed. Many people understand astrology as a powerful tool to “do the right thing at the right time” when our actions are in harmony with the more significant movements of the universe.

Many famous people, even investors and stock traders, have turned to astrology to predict possible changes in the market. This is called financial astrology and can assist in becoming aware of possible outcomes. Considering astrological insights helped those people make the right decisions at the right time.

Financial Astrology

We have reached a point where all of us should consider the power of astrology to assist in creating the right strategy for moving forward toward success.

Astrology does not predict the future but can indicate potential. To become successful, there are different things to consider that can be seen in astrology:

  • your astrology chart and your ability for success
  • your astrological timing to indicate when this will happen
  • the overall universal astrological events to assist you in reaching your goals

Based on these things, an astrologer can assist you in creating a strategy that you can apply to accelerate your success and act at the right time.

The famous global leader in financial services, JP Morgan, once said:

“Millionaires don’t use astrology – billionaires do.”

He and many others have used astrology to build strategies to find insights for good investment times and when best to avoid them.

Furthermore, Astrology can also give ideas about which market or niche will become popular and can bring significant financial gain or financial loss.

Astrology Reading UK

“There is a time for everything”

Astrology can help us determine this “time.” Getting your astrology chart done can give many insights into your habits, belief systems, and blockages that you will need to overcome. Some people even say that astrology can help us find our purpose and destiny, which is often unrelated to monetary success.

On the other hand, you can make lots of money in a field or with a skill you have not even thought of, and this does not necessarily need to be your purpose or path to happiness ( but money helps).

Money Astrology

Some people dream about being rich and never would leave their job – because they need a sense of safety and security. Others might be super successful in upgrading their skills or making the right connections, as they know when to be at the right place at the right time.

Then you get those who are overly brave and risk everything just to lose most of it. A personal strategy is essential to know what you need and can do. You can take further steps to explore what lies outside of your comfort zone. However, if you jump too quickly into the wrong area, you will most likely end up where you started. Sometimes astrology can offer a hint to look at things you never thought of.

When you align your vision with the right timing, you can win in many areas of life.

Astrology & Finances

The current political climate full of uncertainty, a shaky market, cost of living crisis, pandemic, and massive global leadership changes will require strategies you might never think of. At the same time, there will be enormous possibilities – are you prepared for them?

Different areas of your life will require adjustments, and investments ( if you can make them) should be significantly considered. The energies are shifting big time, and what we think only be a blip in the road will turn out to be a paradigm shift.

If you can see the bigger picture, determine where you stand at this moment in time, create your vision and align it with what is yet to come, you will gain much more than you ever thought possible.

What we see now is just the beginning of a new era. As my famous Chinese astrology teacher said: “In the next few months, there will be a big change in energy. There will be three categories of people: THE STRUGGLES, THE SURVIVORS, and THE THRIVERS. All of them will need a different strategy on their way to success. Fake success will be wiped out, and you will see who built their life on solid ground. How flexible can you adapt to change, and what is your strategy?”

Let’s talk and find out!

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