Writing my second book

Yes its true, I am already writing my second book. After I published “UNLOCKING PSYCHIC POTENTIAL” this year, which was written in only 90 days, I decided to write another book and share my knowledge. 


Book for Psychic Development

I have always been a writer and studied creative writing in my early 20’s. Knowing that writing is not only my passion but somehow my life. I write whenever I can and no matter where I am. As if I can’t help all these things coming to the surface. Over the years I have accumulated so much interesting knowledge in the spiritual field and a lot of experience too. When stays set an outline for a book hardly stays the same. As if something interfering with what to write and tells me how to do it differently. I allow this presence to be there and guide me.

My second book which is all about Psychic Investigation took quite more energy from me than the first book. The subjects I am speaking about are somehow more complex.

Psychic Investigation

It was important to me that people would understand the importance of Psychic Investigation. I feel that my goal is to allow a new approach to take place when speaking about Psychic Investigators and detectives. There is so much more this field of Psychic Expression has to offer, mostly in assisting to:

  1.  locate missing people
  2.  assist in tracing the last steps of a victim or missing person
  3.  find objects or important key information for crime investigation
  4. Opens up new lines of inquiry
  5. Brings new understanding into the world of Super Human Potential


Based on my personal experience as well as what I was taught in this field by my teachers. I love opening people up to new ideas and potential.

All my books are handwritten drafts and nothing else at the beginning. I spend time traveling to distant places and sitting in cafes or restaurants to get it all on paper. I chose those places carefully as I know that they have an impact on my energy of writing.

With the rather challenging subject of Psychic Investigation, I spent a lot of time writing in churches and cathedrals. For some reason, I needed this high spiritual energy to being able to balance what is coming through.

I am taking my time in finishing this book and its Online Course. I have to revisit some old places within myself. Watching carefully what is emerging next. Going back to the times when I was working on cases, checking in with me on how those cases affected me. By doing so I heal myself and give away something that is ready to be seen. I hope that my next book will inspire the right people to become a psychic investigator. I will do my best to guide them to the darker moments and show them how to find find the light when hope is lost.

“May this new book which is emerging be a guide and open a new way of consiocusness.

May it allow me to be a voice for all those lost and who have never been found. We will keep looking for you. May this book help to bring justice and peace.”

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