Mercury goes Retrograde (again!!)

Mercury goes Retrograde 14th of January – 3rd February 2022. Yes, it’s true, we just have come out of the turbulent year of 2021 and directly plunging into a Mercury Retrograde. This year there are four Mercury Retrogrades all of them in Earth Signs. It is time to pay close attention and mark those dates in your calendar. 

Keeping in mind that Mercury Retrograde 2022 can hold some surprises so better be prepared and don’t:

  • buy any electronic devices
  • sign any contracts ( you might change your mind) 
  • be late for travels ( better be early)
  • always say what you think ( people might misunderstand everything you)
  • make massive commitments ( they might now last)
  • make major financial investments
  • trust in everything you read

Furthermore this Mercury Retograde you should:

  • rethink your finances
  • readjust your values
  • recharge your batteries
  • physically( mentally, emotionally, phsycially)
  • move slowly
  • reinvent yourself
  • reconsider your committments
  • check the car before travels
  • be early for trians and airports ( there could be delays)
  • think twice about which words you are using

Mercury Retrogrades are great opportunities to take some time off and rethink what we want to do. No the best time for action but reflection.

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