A guide to Psychic Readings

Psychic readings can be anything from a tarot reading to a rune casting to astrology. It depends on the reader and what her expertise is. A psychic reading can also be done without any divination tools. I have done psychic Readings without any tools for many years, and my Readings were so accurate that people often couldn’t believe it. How could I have known all of these things without ever meeting them before? I often could even answer their questions without them telling me beforehand. Today I offer Astrology Tarot Card Readings because the work with astrology excites me and is so valuable.

As a psychic or astrology tarot card reader, I use my intuition to give my clients from all over the world details and information.

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Choosing a psychic reader can be difficult.

I so understand this problem, and even I have a lot of clients who said that they had Readings before but felt they didn’t really get anything from them. Because many people fake having psychic abilities and truly lack profound and in depth-training. They tell people what they want to hear or use other tactics to give the client answers. Most of those people have not had training and therefore don’t really understand how to do a Reading. Not only should there be certain ethics and morals acting as a Code of Conduct, but furthermore, it is about the quality of the information. Even I had some really bad Readings done for me in the past, and I paid a lot of money for them to hear some over-generalized explanation of a particular situation. However, not every Psychic or Tarot Card Reading is that way, as there are some excellent readers out.


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How to find a good Reader?

One of the best ways to find a psychic reader is through referrals. When a person gets a referral from a friend or relative, they can usually trust that the psychic or tarot card readers are worth going to. For someone who does not know much about how psychic reading works, it can be difficult to tell the fake ones from the real ones. Alternatively, you can also check the Reader’s website, read about their training or background, and check if they have testimonials from others on their website. What does the website look like? Is it inviting and friendly? Does the Psychic or Tarot Card Reader have a blog or anything else where you can read about them and their work? This helps determine if someone is a good fit for you.

Can you connect with the Reader?

A significant aspect of finding an excellent psychic reader is that the Reader and the client need to be able to establish a good connection. That is why checking out their website and seeing if their picture and energy resonate with you are essential. The psychic relationship between you and the Reader allows the Reader to open up and receive messages. This is based on your trust in the Reader, and you should check this out beforehand. Usually, a reader will know right away if they can or can not connect. This is typically the case if a person gets a reader that says they cannot read for them. They are not being rude; they know they can not help you because they can not establish a connection. As a client, the best way to tell if there is to check in with your gut and what it tells you. You should feel comfortable and at ease with the Reader because hesitation or uneasiness can make the ability of the Reader to give a good reading more difficult.


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The Psychic Stream Mindset

Once you find your reader, you need to be able to clear your mind and focus on the situation at hand. At that exact time, the reader also needs to be able to bring herself into a state of deep relaxation so she can access the psychic stream from where all the information is drawn.

Tarot Readings can be done over a distance

It is not always necessary to be present when the Reader does your Reading. As long as you give the Reader permission to tune into your energy to conduct the Reading, it can be down via distance. I audio record my Readings and afterward send them to my clients. This way, my client has the chance to listen to the reading again and again and won’t miss a thing. 

I have many different clients, and some have clear ideas about their questions and why others want me to check in with their energies and see what I can get. Both ways work even though there are sometimes differences in the approach. If someone knows their challenges in a situation, then those people are looking for a straightforward solution or a focused way to move forward. While if someone wants to check their current path and is unaware of their question, their Reading can cover the different areas in their life, even some of them the client never thought of directly.

The Astrology Tarot Card Reading

Those Readings I offer these to people who are looking for an intuitive way to explore a situation in their life to seek answers too. It contains a spread of 14 cards, which be read individually and together to shine a light on a current situation. The Astrology Tarot Cards hold specific energetic frequencies that allow me to trigger my psychic abilities. I then intuitively interpret those insights and pass them on via an audio recording of around 50 – 60min to my client. This way, my client can listen to the recording repeatedly and won’t miss a thing.

Astrology Horoscope Reading

This Reading is based on your birth time, place, and date and is unique to everyone. There are certain areas an Astrology Horoscope Reading can be done for, such as:

  • Love & Relationship
  • Love Compatibility (Partner Horoscope)
  • Personality analysis
  • Astrology Forecast
  • Karma & Destiny Reading
  • Wealth & Finances

The Love and Relationship Horoscope Reading

Is for people who want to understand more about their ability, desire, and need to love and be loved. It also answers which partners we are attracted to, why, and what we can do to set the foundation for a loving relationship with others. Depending on what you are looking for and which areas you would like to receive more insights on, you can choose accordingly—an excellent Reading for single people and looking for love.

Love Compatibility (Partner Horoscope)

This Horoscope Reading compares the natal chart of two lovers or potential partners and analyses how good they match. It deals with our ability to compromise, our desires, needs, wants, and the partners we are attracted to. Furthermore, it will highlight challenges and advises on how to overcome them. It can be a very insightful and empowering Reading that allows you to understand more about yourself and your partner.


Personality Horoscope analysis

Ideal for all those people wanting to know more about themselves. Can give great insights into how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. Furthermore, what are our gifts and talents, our weaknesses and strengths, and our personal values? Great for people who want to know more about themselves, looking for a purpose or the right job, and want to bring out the best of themselves. An ideal birthday gift for someone new to astrology or just looking for a bit of direction.

Astrology Forecast

In this six-month Astrology Forecast, we are focusing on what will happen over the next six months. Mainly concentrate on possible transits, aspects, and astrological vital happenings and events that can be helpful or challenging to your situation. Full practical support and advice will help you do the right things at the right time.

Karma & Destiny Reading

For those who want to understand more about the spiritual lessons on their path. We will look around the karmic axis in your chart and dive into past lives and future potential—a powerful Reading with profound impact.

Wealth & Finances

Not many people know that astrology can also help you to understand the financial challenges and potential that you face in your life. The Reading is all about finding out what type of person you are–how you accumulate money and how you spend it. Furthermore, we will see if your values align with your innermost conviction. Possible blockages and pitfalls will be pointed out, and a wealth strategy can be created based on your horoscope details. People can get rich in many ways to know one’s potential can help with this. Job opportunities and areas that could lead to financial success might be pointed out. In addition to that, it will also include the Reading of your astrocartography map to see where in the world your money power points are and how you can access them.

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Other tools for Psychic Readings

It will all depend on the reader’s expertise and knowledge. The reader can use tools like tarot cards, runes, or even a crystal ball during a reading. These tools are just an aid for the reader and can also be helpful to the client. A slightly skeptical client can then see by the means that the reader is not just saying things out of thin air. The tools serve as a guide and can help clarify messages the reader may be getting. At the same time, using tools allows the reader to use less of her energy to conduct the reading, as it can be very draining to put your attention toward the psychic stream and the client all the time. Tarot Cards can help stimulate psychic abilities, allowing the reader to receive the information they need.

A psychic Reading is not predicting the Future.

A Psychic Reader or Astrologist can help a client, but they can not tell them with 100% certainty that something will or will not happen. The Future is not written in stone, and nobody can tell anyone else their exact lot. However, we can see the potential which we also do in astrology. However, it is the client’s free will to choose what they want to do. Psychic readers can tell a person what may happen based on their current situation. Any changes in the current situation and their Future may be altered due to a different route the client may take.

A Psychic Reader is not a Medium.

There is a lot of confusion about the work of Psychics and Mediums; many people think those two are the same. It could not be any further from the truth. Psychics can read other people’s energy; sometimes, they use tools such as tarot cards, astrology tarot cards, runes, a crystal ball, or others. Some Psychics don’t use any means at all. However, a psychic reader is more about giving advice and insights on a current situation you are struggling with. At the same time, a medium is known to work with passed-over loved ones from the spirit world. Not necessarily this has anything to do with a current challenge you face but more to prove survival of death. I have written a whole blog post on this subject which you can read here.

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