Ancestral Healing – How we can heal the pain of generations

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Meghan Markle has introduced Prince Harry to ancestral healing. This powerful step will change their life forever. More and more people are becoming aware of the power of ancestral healing and start healing themselves. Meghan said that she and Prince Harry would come from a family with a lot of pain and suffering. She also mentioned that she didn’t want this to be passed on to their children. 

True ancestral healing can help release trauma and pain that runs through generations. This way, everyone can break the cycle and stop passing these things on to the ages.

Is ancestral Healing a global responsibility?

We have reached a point in history where we are more aware of our global responsibility. Moreover, we suddenly realize how our actions have effects on others.  At the same time, more people become increasingly aware of their suffering and the pain of others. The rise in global mental health issues clearly indicates that we are urged to take action. We are moving into the next century with all its technological inventions.

How will this change the world as we know it? And how long can we ignore the fact that a call for global healing must occur.? Only then might we be able to change the way things are heading right now.


The turning point is here.

Science has just confirmed that DNA can hold the pain and trauma your ancestors experienced and affect you today. This is a huge turning point in understanding how the body, not only the soul remembers.

What are you carrying that is not yours?

Are you aware of what happened to your ancestors? What struggles did they have to overcome, and what trauma have they experienced? You can hold and pass on whatever they have experienced over the last hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. This means that we all carry a part inside of us that is not ours, and we are now asked to let it go. 

Ancestral pain travels through generations

You no longer need to carry what has been passed on to you!  You also don’t need to pass it on to your children and their children. If you want to break the cycle, you can do it right here – right now. 

Take the chance while the earth releases a whole cycle of negative energies. Now we can take global responsibility and release these old traumas and wounds. So we can finally build a better and healthy world. 

Are you ready for this global shift?

Ancestral Healing is a global responsibiltiy

Collective and individual ancestral pain

Meghan spoke to Harry about their family history and how much ancestral pain is locked in their system. Meghan Markle is keen to break the cycle of this ancestral wounding so their children will not have to carry it on. Prince Harry and Meghan are from different backgrounds and grew up in other worlds. At the same time, Meghan had to fight her way into life, overcoming racial issues and being acknowledged as a hard-working, independent woman. In comparison, Harry looks back on growing up in a privileged golden cage. A life in which free will or freedom of speech had to be confined by the royal family agreements, and additionally, the traumatically lost his mother when he was young.

Meghan and Harry carry not only their family karma and ancestral pain but also their previous generations’ deeds, actions, and experiences in the form of energetic imprints within their DNA. They are a powerful couple showing a new direction in addressing the world’s suffering. If we would start with our wounds, the world would already be better. Now is the time in which we choose our new destiny, individually as well as collectively.

Individual Ancestral Pain

Individual Ancestral pain is the energetic imprints passed on to you by your ancestors or family. While maybe your sibling has similar imprints, they still can express themselves differently.

Different expressions of ancestral pain

While you might suffer from mental health issues,  your sibling or child might tend to become alcohol or substance addicted or show other forms of self-abuse.

War and Violence

Violence and aggressive behavior, abuse within the family, or any other form of suffering can travel down whole generations. This means that the pain you feel today could be the stress and trauma from your grandparents, who had to endure a world war.

Poverty and Hunger

Also, experiences such as poverty, hunger, or any form of neglect can find their expressions over many generations in money issues, eating disorders, or the inability to care for oneself and others.


Heal your ancestral pain. 

In my Astroshamanic Healing Rituals, I help my clients release deep-seated ancestral pain. This is a very personal and powerful healing session, and I will help you let go of what is not yours. Find more about this session here…

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Collective ancestral pain

Collective ancestral pain describes something that happened to many people simultaneously. This includes wars, the holocaust, and pandemics.

Furthermore, the suppression of minorities, racial and religious hate or fanaticism, slavery, Chernobyl, Nature Disaster can also leave deep energetic imprints.

Those events are affecting a group of people individually, and of course, those people will also be affected separately, and this trauma will then manifest in their lives and families differently.

Short and long impacts that create ancestral pain

Any form of abuse or traumatic event has a major significant impact on the individual. Even more so if the event happened unexpectedly or over a long period of time. This can cause mental health issues (also Post-traumatic stress), physical pains, drug and alcohol abuse, well as emotional disturbances (unable to trust or love other people, shame, guilt, and anxiety fear are just some of them). How many of us experience shame, guilt, or fear and could not even understand why we would have such a belief system or can’t recall the memory of when this was created?

Breakthrough in scientific research

Science has not proven that it is possible to carry on pain from one generation to the next:

New research suggests that experiencing intense psychological trauma may have a genetic impact on a person’s future children.

DNAA study examining the DNA of Holocaust survivors and their children found similar variations from the norm in both generations for the gene associated with depression and anxiety disorders. The findings imply that children of individuals who experience profound stress in life may be more likely to develop stress or anxiety disorders themselves.

The pattern — known as an epigenetic change because it affects the chemical marker for the gene rather than the gene itself — suggests that profound stress in the older generation translated into an adaptation that is passed on to the next, said Dr. Rachel Yehuda, director of Mount Sinai’s Traumatic Stress Studies Division and leader of the study.

Scientists have long known that parents pass genetic traits down to their children, but Yehuda’s research suggests that life experiences can also produce chemical effects in DNA. Similar research has been done on the impact of famine on later generations, as well as stress levels in the children of women who survived the September 11th attacks.” 

( 27/05/21

We need to stop history from repeating itself.

In our current society, we have le. Also learned so much from the past and try to make necessary changes. We are closer to equality than ever before in history and many racial and social-cultural problems are being addressed right now. These changes hold enormous potential for a total make-over for the next generations.

Are you ready to release what is not yours?

However, let’s not forget that we also need to become aware of the emotional, mental, and physical pain passed on by other generations. The abuse or suppression your relatives experienced might still be located inside of you. 

ancestral pain needs healing

Seeking new ways of healing

We can see how dysfunctional families carry on those patterns to their next generations. Domestic abuse, divorce, sexual abuse, alcohol and drug issues, aggressive behavior, and the inability to deal with their pain and emotions. We have reached a point in which it’s not okay to only prescribe drugs or medications for depression or the inability to deal with stress. It is time to look deeper, make the unconscious conscious, and consider new ways to deal with this rising crisis of the soul. Ancestral pain is there to be healed and released if we finally agree that we don’t want history repeating itself.

How to heal ancestral pain

The most powerful tool to heal ancestral pain is to become aware of it. Only if I understand what happened in our family over generations, maybe, we can identify the cause of the wounding. Once made consciously, we can heal and release what we have found.

children and ancestral pain

Learn about tracing your lineage

If you want to learn and understand more about energetic imprints and how they can create ancestral pain, you should take a 1-2-1 Shamanic Healing Session with me.



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