Get your personal Astrology Forecast for the next 12 months

An Astrology Forecast for the next 12 months can help you to gain a clear strategy on what to expect of the new year. It’s this time of year again, in which we are asked to come to a close with the old and embrace the new. 

For this reason, I offer individual astrological forecasts that are based on your personal horoscope.

  • What you can expect over the next 12 months?
  • What times are great for starting something new?
  • Which areas should you be focusing on?
  • When are the times to stay away from important decisions?
  • How can you make the best of the upcoming 12 months?

This intuitive astrological Reading is based on your personal horoscope as well as the astrological/energy influence over the next year.

Exciting. Revealing. Full of Practical advice and information.


Once you have booked this Reading, we will be in touch to kindly ask you to provide your Birthdate/time/place.

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Astrology Forecast 12 months
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