What is an Astrology Tarot Card Reading?

An Astrology Tarot Card Reading is based on the principle of “as above, so below”. This means that the movements and actions of the heavens have a direct impact on life here on earth. By using my Astrology Tarot Card Readings I harness the power of ancient wisdom of the stars and their movement which will lead you to a deeper and better understanding of the situation you are facing right now.

Ancient wisdom for modern times

The secret knowledge of astrology can be found in many cultures and civilizations all over the world. Over the centuries this knowledge has been extended, adapted, and changed and so has our understanding.
The field of astrology is very wide and ranges from personal chart analysis, business advice, relationship support, and life planning up to healing.

How does it work?

Tarot reading is a practice that involves using a deck of tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present, or future situations of an individual or a situation. The Astrology Tarot card deck typically consists of 52 cards, each with its imagery, symbolism, and meaning.

During a tarot reading, I connect with your energy while I shuffle the cards. This way your energies reflecting your current situation, emotions, thoughts, and questions will merge with the cards before I lay them out. The cards are then drawn and laid out in a specific 14-card spread, expressing the energies affecting you at this moment in time.

There are forces in the world that we do not understand nor can we explain how they work and still those forces influence our lives. In Astrology we understand that the Sun and the Moon (the luminaries) are the most obvious forces in the heavens, they give life to all that is. Additionally, other planets allow us to feel the triggers and shifts of energy when they come into play and create an interesting dynamic. The star signs are important in their meaning and their energetic messages but not as powerful as the planets themselves. While the houses represent the areas in which energetic triggers, events, or shifts can occur.

The astrological 14 - Tarot Cards Spread

I start with two cards in the middle representing the Moon and Sun the luminaries) influence and a reflection of your situation. The Sun represents the energies which you are conscious of and things that are already in your energy field. The moon in astrology represents the opposite force to the sun and therefore stands for your unconscious energies. This could be hidden aspects or influences, truths that you might not be aware of, or emotions that have been suppressed or denied.

For me, it is important to clarify those opposite energies first to form the base of your Reading. After that, I dive deeper into the other cards to paint a more holistic picture of your situation.

Astrology Tarot Card Reading

Do I need to have a specific question in mind?

No, some people come to me for Astrology Tarot Card Readings and they don’t tell me anything about their circumstances nor do they have a specific question. As I am directly connected with your energy field, I will naturally via my psychic senses pick up on the most prominent energies at this moment in time. The cards allow me to understand what is going on and which areas you are struggling with. 

Other people contact me for a Reading and they have a specific question in mind, in this I will lay out the cards with the question in mind and provide guidance. Either way, my Readings are extremely powerful and truly shine a light on people’s lives and circumstances. I believe it’s helpful to consider different points of view, including the power of the astrological movements to understand a situation better.

My Astrology Tarot Card Readings serve both of these areas to provide the best guidance and insights possible.

How do I receive my Reading?

Over the years I have done Readings for thousands of people from all over the world. Especially now, where the internet and technology have brought us closer to each other, I can conduct Readings for anyone, no matter where they live.

You don’t even need to be present while the Reading takes place, as I will connect directly with your energy (with your permission) when I conduct the Reading. I audio record every insight, aspect, and advice that I receive and send it to you via email. This method of working has proven to be major beneficial for my clients because they can listen back to their Astrology Tarot Card Readings and won’t miss a thing. You will be surprised how much information there is in a 50min. Audio Recording.

Who would benefit from an Astrology Tarot Card Reading?

Anyone, that is in a situation in which they seek more clarity and deeper understanding of a situation. I have men and women booking Readings with me and benefit from my service. No matter, if you need to make an important decision in your life, you are at a crossroads or finding yourself confused about the next steps. My Astrology Tarot Card Readings can truly shine a light and explore additional astrological aspects affecting your current situation.

Furthermore, I also give practical advice on how you can move forward or find the right decision that suits you. At no time will I take your responsibility to decide what is best for you, all I do is to highlight areas, thoughts, ideas, and astrological energies surrounding you. This way you will find much more clarity and understanding to find your pathway forward.

Can you predict the future?

This is a question that I get asked quite often actually and unfortunately, I have to say, that I can’t. The reason for this is, that everyone got their free will, so even if I would see a potential outcome, it would still be your own choice to make it happen. Many ways lead to the same destination and everyone is on a different evolutionary path which can differ to someone else. Also, it is not my job to see the future, but moreover to guide you in a direction that gives you enough confidence and clarity to step into it.

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