The Astrological Essence of Spring: A Season of Renewal and Awakening

As the Earth transitions from the chilly grasp of winter to the vibrant embrace of spring, the cosmos orchestrates a symphony of celestial movements that infuse this season with a unique astrological essence. In astrology, spring marks the beginning of the zodiacal year, initiating a period of renewal, growth, and awakening. This is an important time for us to realign ourselves with the new upcoming cycles. The spring equinox marks the beginning of a new astrological year and holds huge potential.

In Astroshamanism, each season contains of three different star signs, making available a very special energy for us to tap into. Each solar cycle in a sign lasts for around 30 days till it moves into the next. During those 30 days our solar energy or vital energy will express directly in our physical, mental and emotional body.

Aries: The Pioneer of Spring

In astrology, spring starts with the cardinal fire sign of Aries, symbolized by the Ram. A cardinal sign always marks the beginning of a new season. Aries symbolises the arrival of the spring equinox, representing the initiation of new cycles and the emergence of vitality. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and assertion, Aries inspires us to embrace courage, spontaneity, and independence. During this time, we are encouraged to ignite our passions, pursue our goals with unwavering determination, and embark on new adventures.

However, not everybody might feels energised and ready to venture forward. It can happen that some people have “issues” or blockages around this star sign and its energies in their chart. Those people struggle to access the creative and passionate energy of Aries. In other cases people might experience a too much of Aries and therefore a build of anger or strong energy that they not able to release somehow.

Intuitive astrology can help to understand and work with those challenges on a more practical level. A good way to do this is to use suggestions made in the book “Astro Tools” for Aries which holds lots of information for people who want to work with astrology in a pragmatic and practical way. Allowing them to access the power of Aries in different ways and work consciously with its challenges and opportunities.

After we have spent a month in the solar energy of Aries we are asked to move on into the more stable and slower paced energies of Taurus. Again, with this change of energy there are plenty of new opportunities to align ourselves to the cosmic forces by working more closely and practically with this stars sign.

Taurus: Embracing Earthly Matters

Now its time that Taurus takes center stage, guiding us to ground ourselves in the beauty and abundance of the physical world. Governed by Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, Taurus invites us to revel in life’s simple pleasures, indulge in earthly delights, and cultivate a deeper connection with nature. This is a time for nurturing our senses, fostering stability, and planting the seeds of prosperity that will blossom in the seasons to come.

Respecting and embracing the energy of Taurus will shit our focus to a more solid and pragmatic approach. While the energies were running high during Aries season, and we were inclined to push forward, we are not entering a phase that invites us to ground ourselves in reality. A trait of Taurus is the ability to be honest with oneself, focusing on what we really enjoy doing over a longer period time and looking for resources to do so.

Those resources could be financially, but also support from other people or embracing new opportunities that allow us to build something that withstands the course of time. The consciousness of Taurus is about stability, focus and finer things in life. We might feel that we don’t want to work so hard or realize that our efforts in the past have not lead to the expected outcome. By being realistic and honest we are able to redirect the energies we are dealing with.

What is it that makes us feel comfortable and safe without sacrificing too much of our energy? Which areas in our lives would benefit from a more slow and forward thinking pace? Is there anything we can do or create that promises a long term investment strategy. No matter if this involves money, time or just our presence. Energy is a currency if well invested will came back to us in many different ways.

Taurus energy is long term thinking and inviting us to revaluate the projects, relationships or commitments we set out during Aries reason. Are we still on the right track?

Once we have moved through the season of Taurus and realistically analysed and valuated our path it is now time to get creative. Gemini will add the much needed lightness into our path allow us now to venture forward in the realms of air. Communication, mental activity as well as exchanging ideas and impulses with other people.

Gemini: Embracing Curiosity and Connection

As spring unfolds, the airy energy of Gemini sweeps in, infusing the atmosphere with a sense of curiosity, adaptability, and social engagement. Represented by the Twins, Gemini encourages us to embrace diversity, communicate with clarity, and expand our intellectual horizons. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, this season invites us to engage in lively discourse, explore new ideas, and forge connections that enrich our lives.

Easily we can now lose focus and lose ourselves in the wildest ideas. Gemini energy is so open and interested in everything that we more than likely find it hard to sit still and not just jump into anything that excites us.

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury and here its all about communication and connection. Sharing ideas as well as telling everyone about your latest projects or finding new routes to express yourself through: writing, speaking or discussing could be a great way to release those energies.

Be mindful that you are not burning yourself out with too many information. We easily can get overwhelmed by trying to absorb and understand absolutely everything. It is important that we make time to gain clarity through meditation, yoga or gentle walks in nature. Allow our senses to calm down and returning to our very own centre. At the end Mercury is a personal planet which means that whatver we are looking for we will find within ourselves.

Quiet time is as important as spending time with others during this solar month. With Gemini symbolising the picture of twins also reminds us to make sure that we are connected to the truth and not only copy ideas or inputs from other people. We might also experience a mix or very high energies and very low energies as Gemini is all about mental activity. However, with everything that we do too much there is a tendency to get lost or lose focus.

For this reason, the Gemini month really asks us to find the right balance so we can stay true to our path, no matter what other people might say. It is a great time to open up to new ideas and possibilities as we have a clear indication to think outside of the box. Stepping into the power of Gemini can unlock massive creative potential and lead you to new connections.

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