Sun moving into Taurus

When the sun moves into Taurus we are entering new solar energies. Leaving behind the fast-paced Aries and dropping into a slower pace now. Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and it’s a fixed earth sign. 

While Aries is more concerned about moving forward and getting things off the ground, the earthy Taurus is here to build a solid foundation. Taurus season runs from the 20th of April to the 20th of May and brings our attention to the finer things in life. 

The laid-back energy of Taurus is inviting us to reconnect with our values and things that we enjoy. People born under this sign tend to be slightly more stubborn and struggle with change. Overall Taurus is about safety, security, and after all the material things, ruled by the planet of Venus.

Taurus in astrology

Working with Taurus Energy

You can work with Taurus energy by either paying more attention to the month the sun enters Taurus, as well as using the New Moon in Taurus to access its powers. Some very profound questions will come up during this time such as:

  • do I make enough time to enjoy the things I love?
  • how can I improve my financial situation?
  • what can I do to make my life more comfortable?
  • which areas in my life do I struggle to implement change?
  • how flexible is my body?
  • what is the quality of the food that I eat?

These are just a few prompters that you can use to get closer to the Taurus energy and see how it has manifested in your life. It does not matter at this point, if you have Taurus anywhere in your birth chart.

It is about tuning into these monthly energies and seeing what they reveal to you.

Taurus is all about building a solid foundation

Money matters as well as physical health will be the primary focus during this time. Allowing us to be very realistic about where we at with our finances as well as our physical health. There is nothing more adverse to a Taurus than being skint or unhealthy, that is why Taurus tries to do everything it can to prevent this from happening. 

Some people might take out an extra insurance, or take on another job. Somehow they need to make sure, there are enough savings around so if “anything” ever happens they will be safe. 

This is not a bad approach, and we all should pay a little bit more attention to the material comforts in our lives. Being the right opposite of Scorpio, Taurus fears death and illness more than any other sign. The idea of not being able to look after oneself and being cared for creates massive anxiety. Taurus is so immersed in the material world that it often loses track of the other dimensions available to it. It is hard to tell a Taurus that there is more than the eyes can see. As such a pure physical sign, Taurus will need solid proof for this to be true. 

When to turn to Taurus Energy: 

There is a true treasure found in those energies and it is called stability and peace. So if you feel that your life has turned upside down and it’s all chaos, call upon Taurus energy to ground yourself.

Maybe you have been studying for a long time and used up all of your mental energy. Then Taurus is here to allow you to rest and restore your energies. Inviting you to take a day off or two, go for a nice walk, and have a lovely meal afterward.

It could also be that you are struggling with finances, and you seem to blow your money the moment it comes into your account. Again, the Taurus energy is inviting you to think twice before spending. To build a little financial polster at the side, that you can draw from when times get tough. It will help you redefine your financial goals and be realistic about your situation.

Assessing a situation, asking for expert advice, and creating a plan that needs to be followed are energies that this earthy sign can help you with. 

If you struggle with physical issues, or health anxiety (very Taurean) it might be time to do something about it. While the energies are moving slowly, we would recommend that so do you. So maybe join a Yoga Class for more flexibility and easing tension. What about going out in nature and doing some lovely walks, which allows you to ground yourself with mother nature at the same time? 

You could also start with your garden or allotment and dive deep into the healing aspects of the earth and plant kingdom. 

Don’t forget to book a couple of Massages, Taurus energy is a very physical energy and loves to be touched. If you add some lovely essential oils, this could be a super duper enjoyable treatment too.

The neck, and throat are really sensitive now – so make sure you take extra care.

When not to work with Taurus

If you feeling fatigued or lacking enthusiasm, the Taurus energy might help to restore strength but it won’t get you excited. Also if you struggle with making decisions or getting something new off the ground, Taurus energy is not what you are looking for. 

The stubbornness of Taurus is like no other and helpful at times. But not if you trying to move through a challenging time that requires flexibility and adaptability. This earthly sign is very hard to change, if ever, and is not known for its fluidity either.

Sun in Taurus
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