6 Everyday Crystal Rituals

Crystals are minerals that have formed underground from three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms. There are certain conditions in which a crystal grows, which will give it a specific appearance and properties. Some crystals can take on strange shapes, some are very small, and others grow very large, developing over thousands of years. Crystals are powerful tools that can bring rapid transformation to any area of your life.

However, to achieve this, you will need to learn and understand how to access their powers and use them correctly. You can’t just hold a crystal monthly and expect it to perform miracles. It would help if you regularly worked with your crystals to receive the actual benefits. There are different ways in which you can actively work with crystals to enhance your life.


Crystal rituals

Try these six everyday crystal rituals to allow these beautiful gems to change your life.

I have divided this list into three categories:

1. crystal rituals for anxiety

2. crystal rituals for love

3. crystal rituals for money

So what are we waiting for? Look at our top 6 everyday crystal rituals, at least one of which you must try today!

Best Crystal Rituals For Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common issue for so many people all over the work today. Teenagers barely take a break to relax and spend time in nature; they spend most of the their time on screens. So do office workers who work long hours in spending their days in massive office blocks with artificial light. This lack of natural connection, regular times for relaxation, and missing sunlight can cause nervous tension and anxiety. Furthermore, the constant mental strain, the demand for the modern way of life, and the ongoing social media use are totally overwhelming our system. This is precisely the reason why so many people struggle to calm their minds, fall asleep or concentrate.

It is not easy to deal with anxious and intrusive thoughts, but there is something that you can do to help yourself.

Here are the top 2 crystal rituals for anxiety.

crystal rituals

1. Moonstone Ritual

Moonstone can help you manage difficult emotions and connect with your feminine side. If you have been in your head too much and need to drop into your heart space, try this everyday crystal ritual with a moonstone crystal.

Hold the crystal in your hand and visualize a crescent moon on your head. Imagine the spirit of the crystal entering your heart and setting you free from the illusions causing you to be anxious.

Repeat, I am free from anxiety and all negative thoughts three times. Don’t forget to cleanse the crystal after the ritual.

You can also buy a moonstone necklace or ring to have this crystal close to your body during the day.

2. Aquamarine Ritual

Aquamarine connects with the energy of water. It helps with emotional cleansing. Additionally, it can help you ground and not get caught up in your head. For this crystal ritual for anxiety, hold an aquamarine crystal in your hand.

Imagine yourself sitting and meditating on a beach. As the waves of water touch your feet, give all your stress and anxiety to the waters for cleansing. Keep a bowl of water in front of you before you start this ritual. After visualizing, rinse your hands and take deep breaths to feel relaxed and refreshed.

You can add soothing background music, light a candle, or use your essential oil diffuser with refreshing smells to enhance your experience.


Best Crystal Rituals For Love

Love has always been a complex subject and not easy to deal with; this crystal ritual can help you. Whether you want to release an old lover or manifest a new partner, try one of these everyday crystal rituals to feel more loved and supported.

1. Clear Quartz Love Crystal Ritual

This is one of the most accessible crystal rituals you can do daily, even as a beginner. Take a clear quartz crystal in your hand. Imagine it cleansing your aura and chakras. Set the intention to feel more loved in life and blow into the crystal.

Repeat, I am loved. I am loved. I am loved.

Could you cleanse the crystal with sage after you are done?

Additionally, you can carry the crystal in your bra or your pockets to have its energy around you all day.

2. Pink Opal/Tourmaline Crystal Ritual

You can also use rose quartz for this specific ritual. In this everyday crystal ritual, I want you to take a pink crystal and put it below your feet. Take some deep breaths to ground and connect with Mother Earth.

Say the following out loud:

From this point on, this crystal will filter out all negative energy that blocks me from feeling loved. The Universe infinitely loves me and there is no doubt about it. I only engage in connections that are healthy for me.”

Wash/Cleanse the crystal after you are done.

Now that we are done with our crystal rituals for love let’s move on to the everyday crystal rituals that will bring more money into your life.

self compassion

Best Crystal Rituals For Money

If you want to manifest money in your life, you can try one of the crystal rituals to let go of resistance, poverty mindset, and abundance blocks holding you back.

1. Citrine Ritual

All you need is a citrine crystal and a yellow thread/ribbon for this crystal ritual. Create a circle around your crystal and keep some pennies/coins in this circle around the crystal. Visualize yellow light radiating from the center of the crystal and multiplying these pennies. RepeatYou must place, “I make $X every month. I am abundant. I have everything I need to live comfortably.

It is essential that you place the crystal where you can regularly see it, Keepstop in front of it, say a prayer, or meditate to absorb its energy.

2. Sunstone Ritual

For this crystal ritual for money, I want you to take a sunstone in your hand and keep it near your heart. Repeat, I feel abundant from within. 3-5 times.

You may feel the crystal heating up or pulsate. Don’t panic. It only means that your ritual is working, and the crystal has heard you.

To keep the sunstone close to you during the day allows you to stay in contact with its energy. You can wear it around your neck or in your pocket. Touch it a few times daily and repeat the above mantra 3 – 5 times. This allows the energy to speed up and manifest more quickly.

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