Benefits of shamanic healing in releasing karmic ties

The benefits of Shamanic healing to release karmic ties is a holistic approach to healing rooted in ancient indigenous practices. For thousands of years, shamanic healers all over the world have helped others to release themselves from karmic connections that are unhealthy or even toxic. The concept of karmic ties suggests that there may be unresolved issues or connections from past experiences that continue to influence your present life. Releasing karmic ties is a personal and spiritual process, and different people may find other approaches more suitable.

For me personally, I have found the practice of shamanic healing the most useful and powerful. For this reason, I decided many years ago to study Astroshamanism to gain the tools and knowledge to help others. Shamanic Healing has transformed my life, I know it can change yours too.

What are karmic connections?

The concept of karmic relationships is rooted in the belief in reincarnation and that individuals are bound together across lifetimes by the consequences of their actions (karma).

According to this belief, people may have shared experiences or relationships in past lives that continue to influence their present lives. Those karmic entanglements were created through actions, emotions, or interactions in previous incarnations. These Energetic cords are subtle energy connections that form between individuals, as a result of emotional or energetic exchanges with one another. These cords can be positive and supportive, but they can also become unhealthy or draining, particularly in relationships that involve conflict, attachment, or dependency.

Shamanic Perspective:

From a shamanic perspective, everything is interconnected, and energy flows through these connections. Shamans believe that negative energy or attachments can manifest as energetic cords, which may influence a person’s well-being, emotions, and even physical health.

Have you ever tried to walk away from a toxic relationship? How often did you fall back into forgiving, or making excuses just to give it another try?

This is often the case, as karmic ties can be super strong and pull us right back into unhealthy patterns and connections. Generally speaking, the longer the karmic connection has been active, the stronger the attachment, and the more difficult it will be to release yourself.

My personal experience

I have spent over six years trying to get out of a toxic relationship. Feeling like a fly trapped in a spiderweb of excuses and forgiveness for the other person. The harder I tried, the more the other party seemed to pull me back in, making me feel guilty, threatening me, and slowly taking away my power. After all, I started to believe that I had no choice and I had to stay in this unhealthy partnership. Every day I felt more anxious and fearful of leaving and imagined the most horrible consequences.

Only when I thought there was no way out, suddenly the opportunity for shamanic healing cross my path. Out of nowhere, this new pathway opened up in front of me, so I started to take a few sessions. Over time, I could feel my power returning, moreover, I experienced this clarity. All of a sudden, I was able to close the door to my past and cut the energetic ties to my toxic relationship.

Many years have passed since, and when I look back, I realize how the benefits of shamanic healing in releasing karmic ties saved my life.

Benefits of shamanic healing in releasing karmic ties
Spiritual Intervention

I am sure there was a higher power working toward my greatest good, otherwise, I can’t explain what happened. When I asked my shamanic healer how he worked and what he did he told me that:

“Shamans often work with the spiritual realm and various spiritual entities to seek guidance and assistance in healing practices. When cutting energetic cords, a shaman may invoke the help of spirit guides, ancestors, or other benevolent beings to assist in the process.”

It was such a powerful experience, so I wanted to learn more about shamanic healing myself. The calling to become a shamanic healer and help others on their path, was something I so felt in my soul. I trained for over five years and learned different rituals, ceremonies, and healing practices to help others cut karmic ties.

It is not an easy process and often takes more than one session, but my clients worldwide are the best example of how this healing method can change lives.

What is the ultimate goal of cutting energetic cords?

The ultimate goal of cutting energetic cords in shamanic healing is to empower people to release unhealthy ties and reclaim their energy. Therefore bringing back a sense of well-being and freeing them out of a cycle of dependency. By severing these cords, people will experience a sense of liberation, emotional healing, and increased vitality. I understand that different healers might have different ways of working, we are not all the same. However, this method is based on my personal experience in the field of shamanic energy healing. I have found this way of working offers the greatest benefits of shamanic healing in releasing karmic ties.

How does a shamanic healing help in cutting energetic cords?

There are different stages to the healing modality of cutting karmic ties through shamanic healing. These stages are necessary to allow the best healing process to take place but also to allow a sense of stability and grounding after the healing session.

First Stage - Energetic Clearing:

Shamanic healing involves rituals, ceremonies, or energetic practices aimed to clear and purify the energy field. This can include the use of sacred herbs, sound instruments, crystals, essential oils, drumming, and chanting of sacred mantras. All of this is to remove or transform negative energies associated with the energetic cords. Once the clearing has taken place, the real work can begin.

Second Stage – The shamanic journey to the Primal Wound

A shamanic journey is a spiritual practice found in various indigenous cultures worldwide. The shamanic healer enters an altered state of consciousness to connect with the spirit world and gain insights, healing, or guidance. At this second stage, I will travel (energetically) to the moment when the karmic ties were established. I then will conduct a sacred shamanic ritual to help you to release yourself from this karmic connection. During this practice, I may use symbolic actions or tools to represent the cutting or severing of energetic cords, symbolizing the release and dissolution of unhealthy attachments. Once this has taken place, I will return to the “normal” day of consciousness.

Third Stage – Grounding and Restoring

At this stage, I will apply a sacred practice of grounding to anchor and connect you with the present moment, the Earth, and your own body. Furthermore, I will put spiritual protection around you, so the ties that have been cut, can’t be restored. This is important to achieve a sense of stability, balance, and mindfulness. During this stage, your body will revitalize its energy and vitality.

Fourth Stage - Intuitive Insight:

Like every shamanic healer, I use my intuitive abilities to sense and perceive energetic imbalances. Through journeying, meditation, or other altered states of consciousness, I can gain insights into the nature of the energetic cords and the underlying issues contributing to their formation. I will share this information with you after the shamanic healing session. You will receive an audio recording including your Healing Feedback via email a day after your Healing Session.

How many Sessions do you need?

It is hard to say, as it depends on each person and their circumstances. However, a minimum of three sessions is recommended to achieve the greatest benefits of shamanic healing in releasing karmic ties.

I review each case individually to see where my clients at and what they need. Normally, we will arrange one session a month, so there is enough time for healing and transformation between each healing. Over the years I had so many success stories with my clients and am so grateful for being able to offer this work.

All my Shamanic Healing Sessions are via distance only, so you can stay in the comfort of your very own home.

Receive the benefits of a shamanic healing in releasing karmic ties:

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It’s important to note that shamanic practices vary among different cultures and traditions, and the effectiveness of these methods may vary from person to person. Additionally, individuals seeking shamanic healing should approach it with an open mind, and respect for the cultural context, and in conjunction with any necessary medical or therapeutic support.

Shamanic healing sessions are transformative experiences and will bring up past pain that you will need to deal with. For this reason, I might make suggestions for additional support during this process.

I only work with people who I feel can receive the benefits of shamanic healing in releasing karmic ties, through the approach I take. If I think that I am not the right healer for you, I will point this out and might refer you to someone else who can help you.

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